Astrologers Think Mercury Retrograde Could Be Influencing Parliament In This Way

by Alice Broster
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I think it's fair to say that, over the last two years, Brexit seems to have taken over almost every aspect of life in the UK. However, I can guarantee you that no one feels this as acutely as Theresa May. With a few failed votes under her belt and more even negotiations to come, it seems like she could do with a bit of luck on her side. But maybe the stars are working against her? What does Mercury retrograde mean for Theresa May? From my understanding, Mercury in retrograde means a whole lot of inconvenience for everyone, so I've spoken to some expert astrologers to find out what it means for our Prime Minister.

If there's ever the opportunity to blame my misfortune on the stars, you better believe I take it. But Mercury in retrograde is far more complicated than I first thought.

"It basically means that, from the standpoint on Earth, it looks like Mercury is going backwards," explains Chairperson of the Astrological Association, Wendy Stacey. "Of course, it isn’t literally going backwards, but from our standpoint on Earth it looks like it is. So, what that means for astrologers is that, for those who are impacted by that, things go a little bit crazy. It’s not terrible but it is very inconvenient."

Stacey continues:

"Because Mercury rules communications, people’s phones, people’s cars, transportation, computers, [and] meetings become unpredictable [during Mercury retrograde]."
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So, what does this all mean for Theresa May? Since the Prime Minister is currently knees deep in Brexit negotiations and dealing with more than her fair share of uncompromising characters, surely this is a pretty key time for good communication?

Stacey says that this Mercury retrograde is at 29 degrees of Pisces, and Theresa's birth chart shows that her Mercury is "at the absolutely opposite point, at 29 degrees of Virgo." Stacey continues:

"So, this is about a standoff with other people, with opposition. This is a conflict of the minds. What she’ll find which we don’t realise is there will be documents which are lost and people will have to get them back. She is trying to bring everyone together to communicate and she is meeting opposition."
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Astrologer Rachel Lang agrees, saying:

"[Theresa] is having a difficult time communicating or expressing her point. She could literally face opposition from others and have disagreements that feel like no-win situations. This is not an easy time for her, as we have already seen with Members of Parliament voting down her withdrawal agreement. She could feel as if she is fighting a losing battle or reaching a stalemate with others."

A difficult time expressing her point, eh? Could Mercury retrograde be the reason behind Theresa's scratchy throat and croaky voice? It all seems to add up. And with just 15 days until the March 29, when the UK are supposed to leave the EU, there's never been a more important time for Theresa to have an authoritative voice.

While it may seem the stars are against her, there are thankfully some aspects of Theresa's birth chart that may help her get through this tough period.

Lang says: "She's a Libra, the sign of the peacemaker and diplomat. Libras have an ability to see all sides of a situation, and because of this, they can often mediate conflicts or bring resolution through compromise. She will need to rely on these traits as this retrograde cycle continues."

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There is no denying that Theresa has kept up a brave face over the last two years. Stacey says: "Her mercury is at 29 Virgo but her Saturn in her chart is at 29 Scorpio and they form a very nice alignment. They represent being tested but also her ability to test others as well. She is a task master. This is like an exam for her. She has a very forensic mind, she is very detailed and there won’t be anything that has got past her."

Despite this, Mercury retrograde has clearly been a difficult time for the Prime Minister. So, is a date in the future when things might get a little bit better for Mrs May? Stacey says there are two dates to bear in mind: March 28 and April 16. She says: "On March 28, Mercury does go direct again but it is still in the shadow of retrogradation until April 16. So, March 28 will work favourably for [Theresa]. It will then oppose her Jupiter, which is about abundance and truth and about extension as well. We are not actually out of this Mercury retrograde until April 16." *Gulp*