Meryl Streep's Husband Is An Impressive Guy

Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

As evidenced by all the heartbreaking celebrity divorces that have happened over the last year or so, it's hard to keep a marriage alive in Hollywood. But it's no surprise that Meryl Streep — a living legend we do not deserve — has managed to beat the odds. Streep and husband Don Gummer have been married for 39 years, so they obviously have to be pretty compatible, right? Since Streep is such a prolific actor, what does Don Gummer do? As it turns out, he and his wife both share a strength for creativity.

Gummer, who Streep wed in 1978, is a sculptor — and a pretty accomplished one at that. According to his website, Gummer attended both Yale University and Indiana University and has held solo showings of his work since 1974, which has included sculptures, commission work from museums around the country, and wall reliefs.

And if you aren't already following Gummer on Instagram and you're interested in his art, you definitely need to check out this account, which isn't verified but appears to belong to him. He often posts photos of his sculptures, and every once in awhile, his wife will make an appearance. His stuff is pretty impressive, and although I don't know much about art, I know how difficult the creative process can be sometimes.

And despite his obviously busy career, Gummer can almost always be found at Streep's side when she's celebrating an honor in her career, like one of her many Oscar nominations. I'm hoping he's her date to the 2017 Oscars as well, because seeing a couple like this in action gives me hope. Their undying support for each other is so amazing to see.

But if you're looking for details on his marriage to Streep? You're probably in for disappointment. These two don't often share anything too personal about their life together with the public, and who knows? Maybe that's why their marriage has lasted so long. Either way, it definitely seems to be working for them, and I love that they're both so driven in their individual careers.

And who knows? Maybe they'll collaborate on a piece in the future. If they're looking for inspiration, may I suggest Taste Of Streep? I'm just saying that a sculpture of mozzarella sticks featuring Streep's face could actually be what this world needs right now.