Starbucks’ New Blonde Espresso Tastes WAY Different Than What You'd Expect

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, and Reese Witherspoon all have had time in the spotlight. But now, there is another blonde that's ready for its close up. Get your Instagram ready, because Starbucks has introduced the Blonde Espresso and it tastes like ... well, award worthy. This is the first time in 43 years that everyone's go-to coffee company's has introduced an additional espresso to the ~permanent~ menu. Meaning, this is a huge deal, so don't be surprised if you see cameras flashing while you're on your coffee run this morning. It's definitely to capture Starbucks' newest delight.

An espresso is typically a bold flavor that really announces itself upon first sip. So, some people tend to lower the volume by pouring frothy milk and rolling hills of sugar over the shot. This results in espresso beverages we all know and cherish such as the Latté, Flat White, and Macchiato. But for those who might just be beginning to ween themselves off of tea to join the espresso fam, it could still be too overwhelming for the palate. That's where the Blonde Espresso enters, stage right. This blend is kinder to the coffee virgin, offering a lighter transition into the wonderful world of cappuccinos. While it's naturally sweet it also doesn't compromise on the caffeine (which is important to our busy, daily lives). You can taste the lightness for yourself starting Jan. 9 at your local Starbucks.

Whether you're a veteran espresso beverage patron or new to the wonderful world of caffeine, a new espresso option on the menu means you can choose your own adventure. If you're looking for a lighter beverage because you're not a fan of bitter coffee, or just because you want to test it out, the Blonde Espresso doesn't come on as strong so you don't need to add extra sugar packets. According to a press release from Starbucks, "Blonde is a great option for customers who are new to coffee, or who are looking for a smoother coffee flavor that needs less cream and sugar added — Starbucks makes its Blonde espresso flavored drinks (like Vanilla Latte or Caramel Macchiato) with less syrup to balance out the espresso." So, essentially, you're pretty much getting an up close and personal meet-and-greet with the coffee.

At first sip you'll notice a smoother taste that might be followed by the familiar zing of citrus. Starbucks also revealed in their press release, "to make Blonde Espresso, our coffee team lightly roasted Latin American and East African beans to bring out their bright, sweet citrus notes and smooth body — Blonde beverages have hints of lemon, orange and caramel." If you're not on team bitter, a sip of the Blonde Espresso is less abrasive. And for coffee lovers who like the bite, a Blonde Espresso allows you to enjoy the complexity of a bean without having to accessorize it with added packs of sugar.

We were quick to be assured that just because the espresso might seem to be lighter, it doesn't mean it compromises caffeine. Don't worry your busy little head, it has just as much caffeine as your regular, ol' bold shot of espresso. So you can continue to have the energy to balance your group chats and e-mail folders first thing in the morning like an olympic gymnast on the beam.

If you haven't already rushed out to put in your order with your local barista, maybe it's time to take a coffee break. Starting your day — or refueling for what's left of it — with a Blonde Espresso Latte or Blonde Espresso Macchiato will have you feeling amped and smooth, one sip after the other. The Blonde Espresso is finally here forever and it's ready for your Instagram feed.