Here's What The First Full Moon Of 2018 Means For Your Sign

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If you miss the ball drop on New Year's Eve, you'll still have a chance to catch something spectacular lingering in the sky the following night. On Jan. 1, 2018, our night sky will be illuminated by the first of two supermoons set to occur in January — and astrologers forecast that it will do a lot more than just light up the sky. Specifically, it's going to affect everyone's horoscopes in some lit ways. So, what does the full Wolf Moon mean for your sign, specifically? For one, it's going to bring some crazy good ~vibes~ with it.

After a festive night spent clinking champagne flutes and snacking on cheese cubes until the clock strikes midnight, the first day of the year is typically reserved for naps. Which is totally fine, because that's a great way to recharge for the incoming energy of the year. And, oh, is energy coming. January's first full moon will rise in Cancer and oppose Venus, which basically means that any matters relating to love or relationships will be revealed in the spotlight of the full moon. Whip your journals out and note ~all your feels~. Resolutions can also be illuminated in the light of the supermoon.

This is the perfect moon and time of year to meditate on what intentions you'd like to set for the year ahead. Not necessarily resolutions, which we all know come and go, but what aspects and themes we'd like to pay more attention to in 2018. It's going to be a good year. Find out what the start of it all will mean for your sun sign!


Energy is on your side as the Wolf Moon leads us into the new year. With a supermoon zoning in on matters of relationships, the year starts by highlighting a possible deepening of one. Cafe Astrology forecasts that, "there is a wonderful, refreshing new focus on your private world or intimate life – a possible deepening of a relationship, or an increased understanding of your inner workings. Your intimate life enlarges and expands, bringing you more joy and new discoveries." As the moon rises, things have the potential to heat up for the year ahead.


The moon is brightening up your social house according to the always trusty AstroStyle. A main theme for 2018 will be partnerships. It's a year all about nurturing and benefiting from the close relationships that surround you. With the supermoon rising on January 1st, it could be the perfect day to gather your gang together for a trip to the mall or a long, meditative hike. The energy will be ~very real~ and have you feeling psyched about the possibilities and good times to come in 2018.


Get ready to adopt Rhianna's "Work" as your 2018 theme song. As per Cafe Astrology's forecast, "your work, daily routines, and health endeavors continue to expand, improve, and grow. This is a time when your work projects or duties expand, or you have increased opportunities for employment." The supermoon is, you guessed it, illuminating your second house of work and money. Before the year gets going and your iCal gets full of upcoming events that you have to network at, spend the first day of the year scribbling intentions in your ~moon journal~. Drawing a map for the year ahead could be a great way to stay grounded when things start to feel hectic.


Don't get too cozy in your shell as the supermoon takes residency in the night sky. Your year ahead could be candlelit, which is to say, very romantic. As the supermoon ushers in the energy of the year ahead you could be feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Cafe Astrology reports that, "your focus turns to having fun, enjoying life, and expressing yourself in freeing, rewarding ways. Your romantic and creative worlds expand and enliven." Bust out those rom-coms!


2018's main theme for you is home life. Your new apartment or Pinterest inspired re-decoration of your bedroom could have you more interested in nights in. That's not a problem. So cozy in and perhaps ~up~ to people you love. As the supermoon rises and sets the domestic tone for your year ahead, "relationships with anyone you feel especially connected with emotionally can benefit. You are comfortable with your position, and you may be building loving and secure connections with others." Sounds nice!


There's a lot to talk about now and into the new year for Virgos. The rising supermoon will set the tone for more communication through the new year. Cafe Astrology says, "new opportunities to communicate can open up to you. This can be a busy period for learning and can also be a time of setting up a more connected home environment." With all the talking and connecting you're about to embark on, sitting under the light of the full moon jotting down intentions for the new year is a great way to organize all your thoughts.


Libra, the spotlight is kind of on you in 2018. As AstroStyle explains, "with a full moon in your tenth house of career, fame and leadership falling on January 1, things could start to materialize quickly." Don't get overwhelmed! This is insanely exciting. With the supermoon ushering in attention on you, make sure you're feeling your best and know how you'd like to steer this energy that's coming your way by filling up the pages in your journal with intentions.


The relationship this supermoon might be illuminating for you is the one you have with yourself. And you could be totally into it. Cafe Astrology notes that "Your personality, image, body image, and confidence in yourself expand to new levels with Jupiter in your sign." Yas! What can't you do will be the question to ask yourself as the moon lights the first day of the year. Forge a plan for all the things you hope to do this year.


This year will be all about your relationship with yourself as it pertains to the past. According to Cafe Astrology, "This is a period for looking within and learning of your inner strength. It’s also a time for appreciating some level of solitude." If your mind is on the past as you head into the future, take a moment to sort through what about it still serves you well and what can be dumped and stay in 2017.


Feeling in need of community? 2018 is here for that for all you Capricorns! Cafe Astrology forecasts that the general vibe of the year is focused on "your connections to others, group associations, and friendships continue to expand and grow." As the supermoon welcomes us to the new year, you might want to hang with your friends. You never know who can introduce you to a theatre group or community service organization that can positively change your life. The energy of this moon will definitely have you engaged in your group chat and planning ways to get out of the house!


The spotlight of the supermoon might actually usher you into the limelight. Cafe Astrology notes of the energy change into the new year, "You are in the limelight in some way during this cycle. Although it’s a great period for expansion and recognition on a professional level, and you should take advantage of it, choose your projects carefully." You've worked hard throughout 2017 and it seems like the stars are aligning in 2018 for it all to pay off. Check in with yourself to see what works best for yourself and your relationship to your work.


The energy of the supermoon rising on the first day of 2018 will revolve around your squad. AstroStyle says, "look ahead with happiness and a full heart as you leave 2017 in the rearview. Believe it or not, Pisces, lighter and brighter days are truly ahead." The moon's pull might deliver the people you love most to your door again and again over the course of 2018.