December’s Full Moon Is Going To Bring HUGE Changes, No Matter What Sign You Are

by Brittany Bennett
Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Regardless of what month you were born in, the full moon seizes a general astrological grip on all of us. Vibes are cast along with moonbeams upon us. But what does the December full moon mean for your sign, specifically? You might want to keep your journal handy through this conclusion of the cycle. The full moon, which will occur on Dec. 3, is in Gemini. As fate would have it, Mercury is set to go retrograde at the same time. And in case you didn't know, Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and communication. Before you lock yourself in your room and vow to go off the grid in order to avoid trouble, this could actually be ~a good thing~.

Don't worry, even if the moon has got your tongue during this time, positive pathways reveal themselves through retrograde blunders. We all learn from our mistakes. You've heard that half glass full saying multiple times and it can be very true. We might all get some things wrong. You might forget to pick up that present for somebody on your list. I've already lost my credit card - twice. (Within my purse, but still.) And hey, with a positive outlook this means that we can learn from our oversights. For me, I should probably gift myself a more compact wallet.

The full moon is a time to close a chapter and open yourself to the opportunities ahead. There is a bountiful abundance of opportunity in 2018. Find out what December's full moon means for your sign so that you can get started on moving forward into the new year. Things may seem to appear not exactly what you wanted or thought, but so it goes, everything that's meant to be will work out perfectly.


As the full moon lights up the sky, it'll also illuminate your house of communication. Careful on how you deliver what you want to say, Aries! If you really just can't hold yourself back, Astrostyle suggests Aries rephrase their questions. This way, you'll actually receive responses to your questions and they could possibly yield positive answers you might not have expected.


Speak up! Astrologists are urging your sign to confidently — and appropriately — show off your 2017 work accomplishments to lock down that holiday bonus. The full moon busts into your finances this go round, Taurus. Because Mercury is also retrograde, keep an eye on your bills to avoid any late fees.


Gemini, if the proverbial chapter is holding you back from your fairytale ending, close it! Move on to the next page because this full moon is yours to dance in. Opportunities for your passions — you know, what your vision board is all about — may be presented around this full moon.


Is your iCal running amuck with obligations and its starting to give you a migraine? Dear Cancer, this time of the year should be more joyous than overwhelming so if you need to retreat into your shell — I mean, home — you should do just that. Take care of the things that need to get done — like work — but otherwise ... take some time to yourself.


The energy beaming off of this full moon will spotlight your collaborations. If some things — or people — aren't actually helping you get anywhere, it might be time to find a new way to success. It doesn't seem like finding your people will be too difficult with all the blizzard of holiday party invites piling up. Figure out what's not working, and then how — or who — you can get your creations back on track.


Your career is taking center stage under the moon's spotlight this moon cycle. Eyeing a corner office? Astrologists suggest saying "yes" to all those holiday party invites. You never know who you might meet and how that can help propel you towards that grand career goal.


Astrologists say that if Mercury in retrograde doesn't poo-poo on your parade with time off requests denied or bogus like that, you could be experiencing a very adventurous packed first half of December. Think out of the blue escapades and unexpected travel opportunities. Keep a bag packed. Just in case.


This full moon and Mercury retrograde mixer brings your finances into question. Don't worry, not in a bad way. Chani Nicholas advises to take responsibility over your books. Like, the accounting books, to avoid future blunders. When you know what your bank account looks like, you have the power to make better financial decisions with what's about to come in.


Do you have Rihanna's "Love on the Brain" on repeat? Because, you might actually have your own love life on the brain. This is all very exciting as you swipe right, right, right, and right. But, before you take the next steps with anyone, you might want to remind yourself about Mercury's last retrograde of 2017. Take things slow to make sure everything feels ... right.


Focus on your well-being, Capricorn. The full moon is highlighting matters of work and health. In order to remain successful, feel successful within yourself first. Chani Nicholas puts it so perfectly it's worthy of being printed and framed over your desk, "Remember that time spent developing your self is never counter to professional production. It is the foundation of it." Meditate on this past year's obstacles and successes and dive into 2018 with a positive splash.


This moon focuses on your dreams and the people that surround it and you. Perhaps you've been absorbing lessons over the years on how to - or how to not — achieve your goals. This moon should ~finally~ point you in a direction of the right people that can help you realize your dreams.


Spring cleaning is a thing, but so is end of the year cleaning. At least if you're a Pisces. This full moon might have you facing your family and domestic space. This is your base. If you're not totally thrilled or inspired by that blank wall, re-decorate with inspiring symbols. Astrologists suggest reading about Feng Shui when it comes to interior re-decorating or designating a corner for meditations.