Here’s What The February New Moon Will Mean For Your Sign

George Frey/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If there's one mid-February occasion that tends to attract the most attention, it's quite obviously Valentine's Day. Regardless of how you feel about the holiday (if you even refer to it as a holiday), you know as well as I do that the cards and the chocolate and the stuffed animals are basically unavoidable come the second month of the year. If you're looking for another milestone to observe, allow me to direct your attention to the February 2018 new moon, rising just one day after Valentine's Day on Feb. 15, according to Moon Giant. So what does the February 2018 new moon mean for your sign? It's pretty much good news for everyone!

In the way of a quick astronomy refresher, I'll just remind you that a new moon occurs when the sun and moon are aligned, with the sun and the Earth on opposite sides of the moon, per Time and Date. During this event, the moon is also zero percent illuminated, which makes it impossible for us to see in the sky. To make things extra fun, the Feb. 15 moon is also a partial solar eclipse, during which the moon, sun, and Earth don't quite line up perfectly, making the moon look to us like its taken a bite out of the sun. According to Time and Date, eclipses can only happen at a new moon because the moon passes between the sun and Earth at this time.

Don't be mistaken by the fact that the eclipse accompanying the Feb. 15 moon is described as "partial." Per NYC-based astrologer Lisa Stardust, it's going to be "just as potent as a regular, full-blast solar eclipse." Here are her predictions for the new moon.


Have you been thinking about launching a campaign or project in support of a cause that's important to you? The potential to effect positive change seems pretty endless in a world that feels so incredibly shambly, so now is the time to take action, Aries! The new moon will bring ideal conditions for you to bring friends together for charity or humanitarian efforts.


Mid-February is an ideal time for you to lean in to matters at the office. Staying late or working from home may not be your idea of fun, but the stars are aligned to help you achieve promotions and other career goals. Accept the praise that's given to you, because you've earned it with your hard work!


Lately, your life has been boring you, Gemini. Don't sweat it! Let the new moon be your signal that it's time to get an adventure on the books. Plan a last-minute weekend trip or get your friends together to explore something new in your home city.


This is the time for you to own your power. Take control of your finances, your work, and your relationships. You're always the boss of your own life, Cancer, but the new moon is an especially great time for you to act like it.


The February new moon is all about relationships for Leos. "Focusing on partnerships is the focus of this eclipse for you, Leo," Stardust says. "Understanding that relationships require give and take will help your most intimate partnerships soar to new heights and expand to greater depths."


Virgos tend to put others before themselves as a rule, but this new moon is a time for you to focus on your own needs. Get to the root of your own concerns for now. Everyone else will still be there needing your support after you've given yourself some much-needed TLC!


Are you overflowing with creative ideas? Thank the cosmos! But don't get carried away. Stardust suggests you resist the urge get too into the actual execution of those ideas right away.


Focus on your home during the new moon, Scorpio. This is a great time for you to make minor renovations or spruce up your space with some new personal touches.


You might want to put your phone on silent, because Stardust predicts that you're about to be positively flooded with calls, texts, and emails. Be prepared to spend time coordinating your calendar and catching up with friends.


You're going to like this one, Capricorn. "All your hard efforts have paid off!" Stardust tells us. "The universe is rewarding you with lots of earthly presents. Expect a boost of confidence and money during this eclipse!" Feel free to treat me to lunch when you suddenly get rich!


The February new moon is going to act like a spotlight on you and your accomplishments. Brace yourself for confidence and a rush of ambition.


You might find yourself doing a little extra soul searching around the new moon, but it won't be in vain! If you take the time to meditate and reconnect with Y-O-U, you can expect to successfully find the inner peace you're looking for.