Here’s What The Dark Moon In February Means For Your Sign

If you're new to astrology, you must have heard people buzzing about the "dark moon" taking place this month. And you want answers: what is it, and what does the "dark moon" mean for your sign?

First things first — "dark moon" is the term for a new moon that takes place during a month when there is no full moon, according to Moongiant. It commonly happens when there are two full moons in the month prior or after the month a dark moon is in — and since both January and March will feature two full moons, this February is an optimum time for it.

This specific type of new moon is also known as a "black moon," and falls in 2018 on Feb. 15, the day after Valentine's Day. After we're done celebrating love, we're going to feel a bit of a void in emotional awareness as darkness eclipses the sky, bringing the new moon into Aquarius. What's going to intensify it is there will also be a partial solar eclipse in Aquarius on that day as well, according to AstroKing.

So needless to say, the energy of both the partial solar eclipse and the dark moon are going to affect you, possibly bringing out your shadow side as the dark moon will be falling in your astrological "houses," prompting self reflection in those areas. Read on to find out which areas of your lives are going to see a shift.


You've always been a master at asserting your personality and making connections. The dark moon falls in your 11th house of friendships this month, so you may feel more inclined to pay attention to what your social calendar is filled with. You may start to feel a little weird about the people you want to be investing your time with. Yes, there is strength in numbers ... but who are those faces? You might find yourself, after hangouts with some galentines, wondering more about who your real friends are. During this time, make sure to appreciate the people you love and trust the most.


With both the new dark moon in Aquarius and the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius in your 10th house of career on the 15th, things are shaking you up when it comes to your professional journey. You may experience conflict at work during this time. Make sure to make the most of it if you think it'll lead to something productive, but don't hold grudges toward your bosses and coworkers during this time. You can get out of it just by being your earthy self! You don't have to control everything in this life to be successful.


Your oratorial nature, Gemini, means you're the type that can get lost in your head. The fact that the dark moon will be in your 9th house of philosophy adds to this and will cause turmoil in how you overthink about the state of affairs. Around the 15th, you're going to be a bit more stuck in your head, musing about things in the figurative and abstract plane, and you'll have to be careful you don't self-sabotage and alienate people as a result. Too much thinking about the meaning of life can inhibit your ability to live it. Make sure you're super present, Gemini. Put your nose to the grindstone and make sure you're thinking more about your life than accidentally neglecting it.


For you, Cancer, your sense of self might feel a bit off this month. Your 8th house of rebirth and regeneration, usually ruled by Scorpio/the dark parts of the zodiac, is going to be affected by the dark moon. This is the house most are afraid of, and now you're going to see a lot of things come up for you to deal with. If you have joint assets with someone — the house rules those kinds of endeavors — you might feel more anxious about trusting them around the 15th. Any laziness you've been in saving up might come back to bite you. You're going to go through a huge transformation of your identity, and feel more pessimistic about making a difference. Let the rebirth happen though, and try not to fight it.


The dark moon will hit your 7th house of partnerships, and you're going to see some movement in your love life! Boundaries are going to be important here. When it comes to if you should let these new — or old — loves in, you'll have to use your discerning brain more than your fierce heart. You'll have to figure out who's worth your time enough for you to let them in, and who may have to go. In any case, people show their true colors under the new moons... so take those at face value!


You're such a giver, and you're always trying to make yourself of service. For a Virgo, the fact that the dark moon will fall in your 6th house of health, organization, and servitude means you'll have to figure out if you've been being a pushover. If someone has violated your trust and you're blind to it, external evidence of this might force you to self-reflect that maybe you haven't been standing up for yourself more. Everything you're ignoring in that house will come up on Feb. 15 ... best to start preparing now. Try incorporating something healthy like yoga or meditation into your routine — if you feel 100 percent, you'll be able to deal with the things out of left field coming up.


You're a natural optimist, but as the dark moon aspects your 5th house of pleasure, it might be hard for you to feel yourself to the extent of self-indulgence. But after Feb. 15, you're going to get a lot of interesting opportunities to have a little more fun. Do not run from them — instead, try to take pleasure from your inner sense of creativity when you start to get anxious about which next steps to take. This can be a passionate time for you, and a time when you might feel more bold than usual. If you are feeling good about yourself, and especially if you have taken advantage of the time for re-building of confidence that the new moon in the fourth house brought, you will fairly radiate during this expressive period.


You're a natural risk taker, but you have to figure out what your limits are and your comfort zone. An external opportunity for you to commit to something, whether it's something as small as a hobby, a new person or financial endeavor, is going to be key as the dark moon hits your 4th house of the home. The word "home" has many connotations. Yes, you might finding yourself craving quality time with the fam too, but "home" also means our base roots. What do we value? What do we stand for and want to invest in? These are questions you're going to be bombarded with around Feb. 15, whether you like it or not.


Your 3rd house of communication is being aspected by the dark moon in Aquarius, so you are going to have a lot of trouble getting your point across, Sag. If you're in romantic relationships, they may undergo some serious strain, so stay open to how you're talking to your partner. V-Day itself also might leave you feeling a little lost and resentful, so don't let the pressure of the holiday influence your perception after. If you're single, you might get more tongue-tied too around your crush or bae. If you're looking, you might get mad at turnouts of awkward date after awkward date ... but don't worry. Pisces season is coming, so just tough it out and don't take it too personally!


Your 2nd house of material possessions is going to be shaken up by the dark moon, Capricorn! You have a tendency to hold a lot of personal negativity about yourself, and now your tendency to put your worth in what you can do is going to be tested. Are you willing to let go of this at all costs for your values, Capricorn? If not, be careful what the universe might throw at you around the 15th. No telling what will make you snap out of your skin-deep trance, but you can get the respect you deserve without feeling like you have to work harder than everyone to get it. But humble yourself and just be or it'll just get more difficult.


Congratulations and happy birthday to those with their bright suns in Aquarius. The dark moon is going to be in your 1st house of identity, so you're going to feel a little more like making room for yourself at the table in all you do. Maybe others could see that as a bit more selfish and call you out, especially if they aren't doing so hot (Taurus? Sag? Anyone who the new dark moon might be doing a real number on). But that's fine! It's your time to wear who you are on your sleeve for the world to see. The sun and new moon are both in your sign, so you will have the full capability of being in your element. If there's a time for all eyes to be on you, it's now.


Your dreamer side is aching during this dark time. It's scary because the new dark moon is going to aspecting your 12th house of the unconscious. Are scary things from your childhood popping up for you to deal with? Unexpected blasts from the past, showing you can't run from it? Realizing you aren't over certain events or people? Do you find yourself needing to isolate more so those around you don't trigger you? Take that time to yourself, and build a solid foundation of close confidantes. When the moon shakes up our subconscious, it can be scary, but all of the stuff in there is what we need to heal. This dark moon means it's time for you to deal with the monsters under your bed, Pisces, but only if you so choose.