Todd Fisher Worked Alongside Mom Debbie Reynolds

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As fans all over the world continue to mourn the loss of Hollywood icons Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, they'll soon get a front row seat into the duo's relationship with the new documentary, Bright Lights. Todd Fisher, Fisher's younger brother and Reynolds' only son, has started opening up about the famous mother-daughter duo in anticipation of the film's release on HBO. But, while Fisher and Reynolds were famous actors known the world over, Todd took a different career path. So, what does Todd Fisher do? Well, right now, he's spending some time in the family business, and he actually produced Bright Lights.

Todd was born into the world of show business. And, like his sister, he has been working in Hollywood on and off since childhood. Todd has been an actor, making his acting debut as a young Cub Scout in Debbie Reynolds and the Sound of Children (1969) and appearing alongside his mother in These Old Broads (2001), written by Carrie. But, unlike his mother and sister, Todd found more success off camera. According to his official IMDB page, Todd has also worked as a camera operator, a writer, an editor, a director, and a producer. Most recently, in fact, Todd produced what might be his most high-profile project yet, Bright Lights.

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Bright Lights, which will premiere on HBO Jan. 7, isn't the first time Todd has worked closely with his mother and sister. After dabbling in Christian programming in the '80s, with a few television specials broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network, according to a report by People, Todd went to work with his mother. Together, Reynolds and Todd worked to establish the Hollywood Motion Picture Museum, which Reynolds founded in 1970 to preserve Hollywood memorabilia, throughout the '90s, with Todd working as President. Unfortunately, the museum failed to find funding and filed for bankruptcy in 2009, bringing Todd back to producing films, namely Bright Lights.

Todd not only produced Bright Lights, but also appears in it, making it one last family affair.