Here’s What January’s Two Full Moons Will Mean For Your Zodiac Sign

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Typically, it's only once a month that we all have to encounter the full moon's astrological affect. But hold on to your emotionally grounding crystals, because in January 2018, we'll experience two full moons. So, what does two full moons in a month mean for your sign? With one moon in Cancer and the other in Leo opposing the sun in Capricorn and Aquarius respectively, the stars are aligning for a set and spike. Basically, buy a planner. And maybe even an easel. (I'll explain in a second.)

January is bookended by full moons, the first — the Full Wolf Moon — appearing on Jan. 1 and the second — a Super Blue Blood Moon — rising on the last day of the month. Because January's second full moon is absent of a name (it's not common enough to have one), astronomers refer to it as "blue."

If you're wondering why I suggested you search Amazon Prime for a planner and an easel, it's because the general ~vibe~ of these moonbeams casted upon us will introduce 2018 as a year of following your intuition. The concluding ~moon vibes~ of this introductory month is all about creativity and will send us off to start expressing ourselves. Plan on following your heart and get motivated to work for those dreams in January. The full moons also relate to relationships, which could be a major theme in January. Mostly just expect a lot of people to overuse the phrase "once in a blue moon."


The blessing in disguise of a new moon is the illumination of maybe not-so-great feelings or things affecting your life. The blessing part? It allows you to recognize what needs to be worked on and if the energy is right, work out a resolution. Well, if January ain't the month for resolutions! Thankfully with the Moon in sensitive and compassionate Cancer at the start of the month, any relationship issues — at work or in your personal life — can be sorted out. According to Astrology King, " The peak in emotions caused by the full moon can make you extra sensitive and moody. However, this awareness of your feelings will help you see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony." The Jan. 31 full moon is "well placed to bring inner balance and a supportive home and family life. It will help you balance competing factors in your life, such as work and family, children and career." This rewarding balance will help support you through the rest of the year.


It seems as if astrologers are forecasting that the full moons will affect the relationships in your life a little more directly. Astrology King predicted that with the first full moon there is, "great potential for love, compassion, peace and forgiveness within your home, family and intimate relationships." Start off your year surrounded by those that you care about the most. It'll keep your year rooted. But for the blue moon, "you may find it difficult to balanc[e] competing factors in your life, such as work and family, children and career, and between looking after yourself and nurturing others." Take it easy. You're a Taurus. You're a bull! You can grab just about anything by the horns. There might be a little more work on your desk, but, you'll always have the support from your loved ones at home. These moons will certainly teach you how to balance.


Gemini's year is all about focusing in on work and health. Perhaps get a yoga class in before or after work to maintain serenity in your soon to be busy life. The first full moon of the month will have you "cooking up some healthy meals and keeping resolutions to maintain healthier practices," according to Horoscope2018. Your love for adventure will help dictate your choice in profession, of which you'll have plenty of opportunities — maybe too many — presented to you. Come Jan. 31, the full moon will be shining a light on your communications and resolutions. Perhaps you'll find a way to express yourself and settle a tiff that was holding you back.


Because Cancer is an already emotional and intuitive sign, and the first full moon of the month is in the crab's sign, the light of the moon can highlight things that need to be addressed in a relationship or with matters at work. The Dark Pixie Astrology predicted, "this can traditionally be a time to reap what you’ve sown, and you can make progress with things you’ve done right, or experience setbacks with things you need to change your approach with or don’t really care for." But with the second full moon, an eclipse, you can expect to, "get grounded in your life, feel more sensual and indulgent, and can strive to improve stability and security." Moving forward, with whatever was figured out during the first full moon, you can expect to start sailing smoothly.


You know what's great about a new year? Figuring out what works to move on into the future with and what is so last year. With the full moon on Jan. 1, according to Dark Pixie Astrology, "you may focus on issues from the past, work on letting go of something important, and clear out your life." Clean out the closet in your apartment or conjure a new system for organization so that you're better prepared and grounded in the new year. Come Jan. 31, "you may need an outlet for your emotions so you don’t seem too dramatic. This can also be a time of great progress with the things you’ve done right over the years." Turns out scrubbing down your kitchen counters and organizing that closet could be a form of therapy you'd never imagine to be so effective.


There's a lot of working on new projects and with new people in 2018, Virgo. So it makes sense that the full moon on Jan. 1 has Dark Pixie Astrology forcasting that, "you can settle issues with friends or groups, become more invested in a friendship, group or cause or walk away from one." This could help clear the path for what you're really supposed to be doing and who you're really supposed to be associating with. Any issues that arise with the first full moon can find resolution in the second full moon of the month. Dark Pixie Astrology suggests that, "you can do a deep clearing out of your life spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically, and gain better understanding so you can free up space for the positive and new." It's time to look ahead to a positive and impactful year!


The general vibe of this month is figuring out what has worked for you and what needs working on in terms of your ~hopes and dreams~. Take a good, hard look at that vision board, Libra. Dark Pixie Astrology says of the first full moon, "you can reach new heights and get recognition, or feel your direction is off and need to work on changes." Tune in to where you're going and how you're getting there, and if that works for you. Come Jan. 31 you'll start to make progress on the dreams that you've been working on and be asked again to confront what works and what can be left behind.


With the start of a new year, you might be jumping in instead of easing your way into the new. With the first full moon on Jan. 1, you could be finalizing plans for adventure and pinpointing goals for the year ahead. That synchs up with the energy beaming from Jan. 31's full moon that'll have you embarking on the path that'll lead you to these goals orrrrr have you editing your resolutions. The Dark Pixie Astrology said of this moon, "You may hit your stride, hit a high point, experience success, get recognition, or decide to walk away from a goal or change your life’s direction and get on a new path." Go with your heart, even if that means re-routing, and don't doubt yourself for a second!


Pinpointing what needs work may be at first uncomfortable but ultimately provides resolution and knowledge. The Dark Pixie Astrology forecasted that with this first full moon, "you can focus on a deeply-held issue that needs to be addressed and work on letting it go." I know it might not feel great to recognize and deal with, but it's necessary. Don't worry, with the second full moon, "You can finalize plans for expansion and exploration, see the culmination of expanding your life, and can generally be more positive. You can strongly defend your beliefs, and be more passionate about what you believe, and if you don’t connect with your beliefs anymore, you may focus on finding new beliefs that correspond to who you feel you are now." So, even if there was a necessary change, once made, positivity is soon to follow.


Moons are typically regarded as having an attachment to our emotions. And highlight your ~feels~ they will this January, Capricorn. According to The Dark Pixie Astrology, the first full moon is predicting that "you can be more open emotionally with the people you care about, and may need more balance in your life and harmony to feel emotionally secure." Putting your emotions out there is an exercise. And as the second full moon approaches you'll be stronger and more grounded in them. With the second full moon on Jan. 31, "you can see the culmination of an important transformation in your life, and can focus on strengthening your will, finding more personal power, or taking more control." It's good to own up to your emotions! Expressing yourself is a good way to move forward with goals.


The Jan. 1 full moon can see Aquarius's honed into their work life. You might be taking on a lot, but be cautious to not get too stressed out. With the second full moon right around the corner, "you can improve your balance, bring peace into your life, or make more compromises," according to The Dark Pixie Astrology. Even if things start off feeling a little hectic, and like your to-do list is as long as a Russian novel, you'll quickly be able to harness the energy to conquer it all and figure out how to keep all matters balanced.


There's a lot to decide about social and career matters in January, according to The Dark Pixie Astrology. You can either become more immersed in a hobby that brings you joy or you can realize what you've been donating so much time to doesn't exactly do it for you. With friends, you'll find that you're with your besties for life or maybe there's a frenemy in your life that's clearly more enemy. To help you figure this all out is the second full moon with it's second wave of energy. The Dark Pixie Astrology said, "If you don’t care for what you do, you can focus on finding work you do love, and you can make changes in you daily life to improve your productivity, regimen, and health." Figuring out what isn't working anymore is the first step. The next? Making moves on constructing what it is that does work for you.