5 Apple Arcade Games To Check Out Even If You're Not Into Video Games

So far, September has been a huge month for Apple, and not just because of the brand new iPhone 11. On Sept. 19, Apple also launched Apple Arcade, a new subscription gaming service that offers more than 100 games to people who have updated their iPhones to the latest iOS 13 software. So what games are actually on Apple Arcade? As it turns out, you don't have to be a video game enthusiast to have fun with the new service.

In other words, even if you're not someone who loves gaming, you shouldn't dismiss Apple Arcade right off the bat. There are puzzle and wordplay options that aren't the typical role-playing or fantasy fare you think of when someone mentions mobile gaming. The service comes with a free 30-day trial, so you can sample games before you commit, and it costs $4.99 a month after the trial ends. The good news is that you can include up to six family members on one account and split the cost — and you'd probably spend $5 on standalone mobile games in the App Store.

So, if you're thinking of giving Apple Arcade a try and aren't a fan of traditional video games, consider trying out these ones first:

Dear Reader

Dear Reader's tagline calls it a "game of literary wordplay," and it seems like a book lover's dream. You fix passages of classic literature — filling in the blank, correcting misspellings, unscrambling words — and get rewards along the way.

Word Laces

If you're looking for a simple word game, you'll love this. The app gives you a picture and a string of letters, and you describe the image with the letters you were given. It sounds complicated, but once you download it and start playing, you'll get the hang of it.

Mini Motorways

If you're a fan of building worlds in The Sims, Mini Motorways is a must-download. You construct roads in a city, which is way harder than it sounds, and get a taste of what city planners deal with on a daily basis.

Assemble With Care

Assemble With Care is getting rave reviews, and it's easy to see why. It's a beautifully designed game that lets you digitally reassemble objects like watches and cassette players. If you're interested in DIY projects, this gives you a taste of what it's like.


It's probably better to destress without your phone, but if you have a hard time putting it down, Patterned is worth a download. It's a digital jigsaw puzzle that's seriously zen — even watching YouTube videos of this gameplay is weirdly calming.

You might not decide Apple Arcade is worth the money, but you can't dismiss it for a lack of options. With dozens of games to pick from and more promised by Apple, it's a welcome addition to the iPhone — even if you're not obsessed with video games.