This Is What Happened To Dustin's Pet Monster Dart On 'Stranger Things'


It's hard to forget all of the friendship antics on Stranger Things, but what about all the monsters? Before Stranger Things 3 hits Netflix this Fourth of July, let's recap some of the creepy that crawled out of the Upside Down last season. What happened to Dart on Stranger Things? The demo-dog wasn't so bad in the end.

Dustin's pet, whose name is short for The Three Muskateers character D'Artagnon, was a creature from the Upside Down who came into his life in Season 2. Was he a baby demogorgan? Was he a dog? As Dart got older, he ate Dustin's cat and became increasingly dangerous and more difficult to contain. It was killing Dart that brought Dustin and Steve together and set off their adorable friendship. Dart was called away by the Big Bad Mind Flayer, but ultimately helped them all to save the day. He really meant a lot to the Hawkins gang.

As far as we know, Dart was killed when Eleven closed the gate to the Upside Down. His final act was letting his pal Dustin and the others through the tunnels safely. The Stranger Things creators confirmed this on a few occasions. According to CinemaBlend, Ross Duffer said during a Q&A at Chapman University that, "Dart has unfortunately perished. Spoiler alert. Yeah, once the gate gets closed, he's cut off and so he died by his beloved Three Musketeers Bar."

That's a bummer. Now Dustin has no pets. In Stranger Things 2 you can see Dart lying down dead in the tunnels when this happens, and no — he wasn't sleeping. If you really want to build a conspiracy theory around Dart somehow surviving that link to the Upside Down being cut off, have a ball, but it seems like the Duffers ended his story. Bad things happen to good people (and good monsters) all the time on Stranger Things.

Eleven may have closed to entry between Hawkins and the Upside Down, but as the final trailer for Stranger Things 3 teases... there may be some traces (and beasts) of the Upside Down left in town. There don't appear to be any demogorgons, or demo-dogs, in Stranger Things 3 according to that trailer — but you never know.

While he still had murder-y instincts, Dart was able to resist the Mind Flayer's control, and was for all intents and purposes a "good" demo-dog. The only truly bad thing he did was eat Mews, and that's probably just because he didn't know where to get one of the "nougats," or Three Muskateers bars, that Dustin kept feeing him. Maybe other creatures can be reasoned with too. Hawkins definitely isn't done with the Upside Down, so here's hoping that some of the monsters can be tamed by good people.

Friendship has always been a key to Stranger Things, and it would be cool if the gang was able to defeat their latest threat with love instead of war this time around. If Dart really is dead, at least that can be his little beastly legacy.