Everything We Know About What Happened To Sabrina's Parents On 'Chilling Adventures'

Courtesy Of Netflix

Spoilers for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1 ahead. Sabrina Spellman belongs to two worlds: Her father was a witch, her mother was a mortal. We learn in Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina that Sabrina's parents died in a plane crash, so she was raised by her two aunts. But it's clear from the get-go that there's more to the story than everyone is letting on.

Sabrina's father, Edward, was a high priest and headmaster at the Academy of the Unseen Arts, while her mother was a mortal woman named Diana. Those seem to be the only facts we know for sure. Sabrina was told their deaths were an accident, but haven't we learned by now that it's never an accident? In the pilot episode, Sabrina's rivals, a witchy trio called the Weird Sisters, heavily imply that her parents were actually murdered.

Was there foul play? Are they even really dead? In the comics, Sabrina only believed her mother to be dead, but later discovered her in a psychiatric facility. Her father, on the other hand, is just estranged and eventually comes back.

"Your father and mother were flying to Italy," Aunt Zelda insists in Season 1 of the Netflix series. "Edward was giving a lecture at the Vatican when their plane went down. Tragically." Later, Father Blackwood confirms this story, and assures Sabrina that the witch's council made an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

However, the way Hilda and Zelda act when Sabrina asks about her parents suggests otherwise. Sabrina also starts to see visions of her parents in the woods, gently urging her not to join the coven and sign her name in the Dark Lord's book.

We learn that Edward, a radical, was almost excommunicated from the church because of his decision to marry a mortal. In Episode 3, Sabrina finds out that he struck a deal with the Church of the Night and signed her name over to the devil in order to have permission to marry Diana. Meanwhile, Sabrina's mother secretly had her baptized in a mortal, Catholic church. With all of this deception piling up, it's not surprising that the couple might have made a few enemies.

In Episode 9, even more secrets are revealed. When Sabrina embarks on a heroic journey to save Harvey's brother's soul, she runs into her mother in the mortal limbo between life and death. Diana is surprised to see her, having been told that Sabrina died after she was baptized and taken by... someone. Who?

So, that means that Sabrina's mother is most likely not living. It also means that she was lied to as well. Was there some kind of conspiracy to keep Sabrina away from her parents? That's kind of what this is starting to look like, though Season 1 ultimately does not give us any concrete answers about what really happened to them.

What is clear is that Sabrina's parents had a hand in deciding the course her life would take, even if they really did die in a plane crash.