The Girl Who Burned Her Hair Off With A Curling Wand Is Back & Her New Gig Is Iconic

Tori Locklear/YouTube

There are some YouTube videos and memes that will always be relevant, and one of them is Tori Locklear's viral "hair curling" video. In 2013, Locklear made the mistake of holding her curling wand a bit too long on her hair, and well, burned it off. Now, though, the girl who burned her hair off has a Pantene commercial, and it's honestly so brilliant.

According to Refinery29, when Locklear originally made the infamous video, she was just 13 years old and inspired by YouTuber Michelle Phan. It was just the beginning of the heyday of YouTube, and why wouldn't she want to get in on it? Fast forward through her first video, and she's held her hair on her curling wand for a few seconds too long, and she's staring at the camera in disbelief. While funny for the 52 million who ended up watching Locklear's video, it was also kind of a cautionary tale of the what heat styling tools are capable of doing to your hair. Now, though, Locklear has apparently found the answer to her hair woes thanks to Pantene.

In a new ad with the company, Locklear is reliving her former YouTube glory but in a much more healthy way. She's now working with Pantene to promote their new Rescue Shots.

According to the brand, the new Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots are basically hair masks that don't just coat your hair but instead penetrate the strand to strengthen areas of heat and color damage. The product first launched all the way back in 2008 in Brazil and became incredible popular. The product has become so popular that it's the number one brand of its type. Now, it's available in the United States.

In the video for the Rescue Shots, Locklear is lighthearted about her former mishap and talks about it freely. Those days, however, are gone, and the YouTube star goes on to explain that its the Rescue Shots that have repaired and saved her hair since her disastrous experience with that curling wand.

She explains that to use the shots, you simply have to "crack one open" and apply it throughout the hair. You'll wait for one minute and then rinse the product out of your hair.

Perhaps the best part of the video, though, is when Locklear successfully uses that infamous curling wand to get the perfect beachy curl in her hair.


At the end of the video, Locklear again makes light of the iconic video tell Pantene and the camera, "Thanks Pantene for rescuing my hair, so I can rescue my YouTube career." Honestly, Locklear's hair looks great at the the end of the video with perfect beach waves.