This Crystal Light Fixture Is Like A Himalayan Salt Lamp For Your Mental Health

Himalayan salt lamps have been having a real Moment of late, in part because they're lovely to look at, and also because of the purported health benefits they offer. But another kind of wellness-boosting light fixture is starting to gain attention: a selenite lamp, whose gypsum-crafted mood lighting will allegedly lift your spirits and definitely spruce up your apartment. Here's why you're about to see these gorgeous crystal fixtures all over your Instagram feed.

According to Apartment Therapy, selenite lamps are made out of the mineral gypsum, a soft sulfate material composed of calcium sulfate often found in cement and plaster of Paris. Gypsum can be very translucent, which makes the selenite lamps themselves offer up a nice, soft white glow that should balance out some of the REM-screwing blue light we get from our computers, phones, and television screens. Himalayan lamps do that, too (though they boast orange light, not white), but they aren't nearly as aesthetically pleasing as selenite lamps, which look more like funky Mike Kelley art pieces than mounds of salmon colored rock.

Like Himalayan salt lamps, natural health and crystal enthusiasts think selenite lamps offer a slew of holistic benefits, such as possible mood balancing properties and energy-lifting elements. "Selenite is an ideal crystal for the home because it's white," Energy Muse co-founder Heather Askinosie told Apartment Therapy. "Put it anywhere in your place that you'd like to infuse with bright, soothing, uplifting energy." I'd definitely take a boost of uplifting energy any time, kthanks.

Now, onto the supposed benefits. Where Himalayan salt lamps are purported to cleanse your home's air and energy through ionization, selenite lamps allegedly work to boost your mood. According to the Himalayan Salt Company, selenite "lends to reconciliation and energy to the body," amplifying a person's judgment and insight, stabilizing emotions, and clearing confusion of the mind. It also supposedly can relieve symptoms of back pain, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and acne, improve balance and flexibility, and "guards against epileptic seizures," per the Himalayan Salt Company, though these claims have not been scientifically proven, and should definitely be taken with a grain of salt (heh). That said, these crystal lamps are super pretty, and prettying up your apartment with soft white lights can't hurt.

So, that's what selenite is, but where can you get it? Etsy, for one: the online craft marketplace offers up a slew of Selenite lamps, including this $60 extra-large lamp that will "assist you in opening your crown chakra and connecting with you your Spiritual Guides and Angels," apparently. I'm a big fan of this 12-inch lamp, now on Etsy for $69.99, though I sense that my roommates wouldn't love having a foot-tall piece of crystal in our very small apartment. For folks in similar situations, there are these mini-tower lights for $22, which are so cute!

Urban Outfitters also has a very lovely looking selenite crystal lamp on sale for $49. Made out of Moroccan selenite "to enhance ambience with a soothing glow," the light includes a dimmer switch, so you can create the ambiance you want in your living space. Urban recommends you use colored bulbs for added light intensity.

Selenite Crystal Lamp, $49, Urban Outfitters

None of this is to say, of course, that you should dump your Himalayan salt lamps on the curb, though if you want to, I'm sure your neighbors will appreciate the free salt. These light pillars may look like desaturated versions of the Emerald City from Wizard of Oz, but they're incredibly chic — and if the current crystal trend keeps up, you can probably expect to see them all over your Instagram feed, if not all over your own apartment.