This New Beauty Site Sells All Your Favorite Luxury Brands At Up To 40% Off — And There's No Catch

Beauty is often limited to budget. Many skin care and makeup enthusiasts can't always dabble in the latest product releases and collection drops because paychecks don't always stretch that far. But one e-commerce site is about to close that gap. The new online beauty store called Akira Beauty sells luxury brands at an average of 10 to 40 percent less than retail pricing. The online retailer sells high-end skincare, bath and body care, hair care, and cosmetics, providing everything you would ever need. Akira also carries brands like SK-II, Givenchy, Clinique, and Living Proof, just to name a few.

If you're wondering how the retailer could do that, it's because Akira has decided to slash its budget in certain areas. And instead of keeping the profits, Akira has instead decided to lower its product stock prices. Specifically, the store eliminated excessive costs in advertising, samples, and gift wrapping. So don't expect tissue paper in your mailed package.

"Akira Beauty believes that luxury brands should be accessible to anyone and it is their hope that by lowering prices, more people can enjoy top-performing beauty products without compromising quality," the retailer's press release reads.

All the products on the site are curated by Akira's team of international buyers based in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Poland, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, and Taipei. According to the brand, every product is personally tested by the Akira team to ensure quality control. Akira doesn't believe that competitive prices should mean compromising the quality of the products or shopping experience. And since the retailer has buyers all over the world, Akira has solved the problem of American shoppers not being able to buy brand products that are only sold regionally in Europe or Asia. Plus, you no longer have to wait for luxury products to go on sale to snap them up. Akira has done the price slashing for you.

One thing you might notice when buying your name brand products on Akira is that some of packaging looks different. But that doesn't mean that the items are not authentic. Akira explains that the discrepancy is there because some manufacturers package products differently in each country, causing them to look slightly dissimilar.

The word “Akira” means bright, intelligent, and truthful in Japanese, and it reflects the company's quality standards. Paying less does not need to mean that you get sub-par ingredients or bootlegged products. “We believe that everyone should be able to choose the products that suit them best while having an elevated beauty experience. That’s why we set out to make international luxuries more accessible for everyone," the founders share in a press release.

The online store also prides itself in providing a quality shopping experience. Oftentimes discount online stores come with clunky sites or unattractive layouts to cut back on costs. Akira makes sure that its e-commerce store is as luxurious as the products it sells. The site is airy and sophisticated, just like any other quality beauty e-retailer.

If you love beauty but your budget doesn't always allow you to treat yourself, bookmark Akira. You can save yourself some money and get all the goodies you want all at once. It's a total win, win.