What Is Alex And Ani's Charity Sale? Accessories Are 30% Off, But Still Give Back

If you think that there's nothing better than getting and item on sale, think again. Alex And Ani's Charity Sale is happening right now, and it's giving you the chance to save some money and give back at the same time. Oh, and bracelets are under $20. A sale this great won't be around for long, so grab your wallets and get ready to shop.

Alex And Ani bracelets are about a whole lot more than just looking great, and this sale proves it. According to the press release, the brand is on a mission to give back $2 million to UNICEF by August 2018. To do that, the brand decided to slash the prices of bracelets for a limited time and give 20 percent of the proceeds to charity. Because everyone deserves to benefit.

The sale includes some of the charity designs as well as initial charm bracelets, wraps, and even necklace charms. The Instagram famous arm accessories start at just $16.80. This is not a drill.

The sale will be going on from Friday, June 15 to June 24. After that, the prices go back up.

This is not the start of Alex And Ani's Charity work. The brand has raised $54 million since 2011. You can now be a part of that number, and save money at the same time.

Saving money and giving back isn't the only perk of shopping the sale though. Shop one of the 96 items in the charity sale and shoppers within 30 miles of a store will get another coupon to shop the clearance section at 25 percent off in-store. You know, so you can get one for a friend and one for yourself. Or two for yourself, because these look great stacked.

As if all of that wasn't already great enough, Alex And Ani is also offering free shipping throughout the end of the sale. There's pretty much no reason not to shop. Here are some of the best styles, so you can see how major this charity sale is.

You Got This

You Got This Charm Bangle


Alex And Ani

No matter who you are, you can use this message. What better way to get it then with a stylist bracelet? Whether you're giving this as a gift or reminding yourself, you can't go wrong.

2. Initial Charm

Initial Charm Bracelet


Alex And Ani

This is a staple for any Alex And Ani lover. Although not all initials are available in the sale, there is a wide selection up for grabs.

3. Queen's Crown Set

Queen's Crown Art Infusion Set


Alex And Ani

You'll get two bracelets in this set. One has a crown on it, because duh, and the other has Swarovski crystals on it. It doesn't get much more royal than this.

4. Just Breathe

Just breathe Charm Bracelets


Alex And Ani

Take a deep breathe and know that things will be alright. This bracelet is the ultimate reminder of that. not to mention it's super stylish as well.

5. Flora Wrap

Flora Wrap


Alex And Ani

There are even wrap bracelets up for grabs in the charity sale. These are a great way to switch up the classic Alex And Ani style. Not to mention that this is the cheapest the wrap bracelets have ever been.

6. Beaded Bracelet

Canyon Beaded Bracelet


Alex And Ani

This is another great alternative to the classic style. The beads make it a little different, but it will still look great layered with all the others.

7. Daughter Charm

Gold Daughter Charm


Alex And Ani

The whole family can have one of these bracelets. There's a daughter, aunt, mother, and godmother design. At this price, you might as well get one for ever female in your family.

You can't go wrong with any of these styles. Especially knowing that you're giving to a great cause, and no just your jewelry box.