Amazon Launched Influencer-Created Fashion Collaborations That Are Only Sold For 30 Hours

You can buy almost anything on Amazon. It's a convenient one-stop where you can stock up beauty products, household items, and even stream movies. However, it's not always easy to shop for clothes on Amazon due to the sheer volume of apparel and accessories. To remedy this, Amazon has launched The Drop, which reinvents the concept of fast fashion by making the hottest trends even more readily accessible. The catch is, The Drop collections are only available for 30 hours. Ultimately, Amazon is touting The Drop as a whole new way to shop — and it is. The program offers customers a truly exclusive, limited edition, and on-demand experience.

Here's exactly how it works: You sign up for text alerts via The Drop landing page on Amazon. Once a collection is available, you will be notified and can make purchases via the Amazon site or app. The ranges feature street styles designed by various influencers from the around the world. Each look is based on the trends that inspire them and will likely not be offered again. The element of surprise factors heavily into this concept, since collections can go on sale at any time and without warning. However, Amazon does note on the site that collections may land every few weeks.

Once you purchase, your piece is then made-to-order, which also helps reduce waste. You can expect your The Drop item to arrive within a few weeks.

Amazon also states on the site that the collections could be available for less than 30 hours, since fabrics are limited. Bustle reached out to Amazon reps for additional information, such as pricing.

If this fast fashion concept is a bit too, well, fast for you, there's good news. Amazon is launching Staples By The Drop, a permanent collection of essentials also designed by the influencers. Staples By The Drop are meant to be worn with any of the pieces from the limited edition collections so you can create head-to-toe looks. These basic pieces will be available all of the time so you can browse and purchase at your leisure.

As of press time, there haven't been any drops at The Drop. The Instagram page is live and there are plenty of clothing sneak peeks, and influencers like Paola Alberdi, Sierra Furtado, Emi Suzuki, Leonie Hanne, and Patricia Bright are already on board and readying their collections.

This minute-long video provides a brief and fashionable rundown of The Drop. One can only hope that some of the pieces shown in this clip, like the fuzzy coat or the blue jumpsuit, are an indicator of what's to come.

On paper, The Drop looks like an innovation that will change how customers find trendy fashions on Amazon. It could also change how they shop for clothes overall.