Ariana Grande Just Updated One Of Her Pete Davidson Tattoos But Says It's Not A Cover Up

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Ariana Grande picked up a lot of new tattoos during her relationship with ex-fiance Pete Davidson last year. After their split, the "thank u, next" singer's ink collection continues to grow and expand in unique ways. Ariana Grande has added to her "Always" rib cage tattoo from the Davidson era. In the Instagram post showing off her fresh design, the tattoo appears to be an unfinished outline and features a branch with leaves. The word "Always" is now tucked inside one of those leaves. The singer insisted in the caption that the new piece is not a cover up. Rather, it's an evolution.

Allure reported that Grande got the original "Always" torso tattoo in Davidson's handwriting, and that the comedian has a matching "Always" tattoo on his back.

Grande shared some details regarding the ink's significance without revealing too much, writing in the caption that the ink is "not a cover up just evolvin." If it were an actual or total cover up, it would have been shaded in. Perhaps it will further evolve and eventually be shaded or maybe Grande will fully cover the word "Always" with color. Maybe she will add more adornment to the entire tattoo. That all remains to be seen. But at the time of this photo and as of press time, it was just the outline, an edit, and part of this particular tattoo's evolution.

In the picture debuting the edited tattoo, Grande's arm is raised over her head so fans can get a good look at the new tattoo from the side. Grande tagged tattoo artist Mira Mariah, noting she is responsible for the latest etching.

Grande updated the pre-existing tattoo on March 17 right before the start of her Sweetener World Tour, according to the caption. The tattoo feels like it could be a celebration of a thrilling career milestone and a next step for Grande, all the while nodding to her recent past. Bustle reached out to the singer's reps for further details about the tattoo.

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Just like Grande's relationship with the Saturday Night Live star has changed and evolved over time and just like she continues to evolve and grow as a person and artist, so does her ink.

Grande's loyal legion of Arianators weighed in about her latest body art in the comments of the post, with many stating how it was a powerful way for the singer to commemorate her upcoming tour.

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One follower expressed support for Grande's tattoo process, writing, "Good for you, baby girl. Keep up with the healing and the growing. Ily!!" Another commented about the creative ways in which the singer has been growing her collection, saying, "You will keep finding places to put them, won’t you? Love it!" This user summed the tattoo up in a simple but impactful way, posting, "Baby it's art."

Arianators will have to keep their eyes glued to Grande's Instagram for further looks at her new ink. If it continues to evolve or expand, she will likely share a new shot on her feed and you will definitely want to see the beautiful end result.