Tarte Has A Brand New Sister Skin Care Brand & It Was Created Especially For Millennials

Get ready, beauty lovers, because one of your favorite beauty brands is about to drop a new line, and it's all about skin care for those of you with too long to-do lists and a gold card to Starbucks. Tarte's sister brand, Awake Beauty, is all about that awake (duh) and refreshed look, and they're bringing it to you not with makeup (that's Tarte's gig) but with skin care, and these goodies look banging.

According to the Awake Beauty website, they're a Japanese inspired brand, and as it turns out, they've had a connect to Tarte for quite a long time. You see, Awake isn't exactly new. In fact, it's been around for at least 17 years according to the site. When Tarte launched in at Henri Bendel, they did so right next to Awake, and Tarte founder Maureen Kelly was immediately taken with the botanical approach to skincare the original Japanese brand took. Several years later, and Awake actually became a sister brand to Tarte, and after working with the Tarte team in New York and the Awake team in Tokyo, the new Awake Beauty came to be.

The good news? It can be all yours right this minute.

Unlike Tarte, Awake focuses on skin care, specifically products that make you look, well awake. With Japanese botanicals and technologies, the brand works to use plant antioxidants in order to refresh the skin. In fact, it's one of the their promises: to optimize the potential of the botanical ingredients they use. The ingredients are natural, and the brand is committed the same things that Tarte is: being cruelty-free.

Currently, the brand features nine different products, but their focus appears to be on serums. Awake features a total of five different serums each serving a different purposed. Form hydrating your face to firming your skin to even giving your skin a bit of a shimmering glow, when it comes to serum game, Awake is already winning.

While serums and concentrates are popular with the brand, they're not their only launch. The brand also features the Gelactic Dream Hydrating Mask, a sleeping mask that locks in moisture and helps plump the skin.

What skincare brand is complete without a moisturizer? Awake's Ray of Bright Radiance Moisturizer which leaves behind a shimmering finish while boosting moisture to the skin.

While not directly involved in makeup, Awake does feature a two beauty products to help you look refreshed after you use their skin care. The Vitamin L-I-P Balm with C+E is a medium coverage lip balm designed to nourish your skin while providing a bit of color. Then, there's the Awake Eye Opener Eyeliner that takes an old beauty trick and transforms it into a product. The cream-hued liner is designed for your lower lash liner's inner rim in order to fake the appearance of being bright eyed and bushy tailed when you didn't even sleep the night before. Talk about clever, right?

Awake is also making it super easy for you to keep up your supply of their products. According to the brand's website, they feature a subscription service that allows you to receive your must-have Awake Beauty items every month, two months, three months, or six months. You never have to worry about running out of goodies. Plus, when you do use the subscription service, your order is 10 percent off and ships for free. Yes, please!

If you want to give Tarte's sister brand, Awake Beauty, a try, head to their website now. With super cute packaging, a promise of quality ingredients, and a commitment to being cruelty-free, you've basically got nothing to lose.