This Unusual New Beauty Trend Will Have You Applying Vinegar To Your Face

There have been a lot of beauty trends that may seem a little out there. From shampooing your hair with beer to drinking 'Moon Water' Victoria Beckham style, it seems we will go to major lengths to feel the most beautiful. And the latest skincare trend to hit the mainstream is no less unique: beauty vinegar. But what is beauty vinegar, and is it actually worth using in our skincare regimes?

We all know that apple cider vinegar has been praised in recent years for its many wondrous benefits for the body and, in particular, the gut. But its uses don't stop there; it can also be applied to the face as a gentle exfoliating toner.

According the Daily Mail, beauty vinegar contains acetic acid, an ingredient known to exfoliate, brighten, and tone. It has been a long-time fave for natural beauty fans out there, and dates back centuries.

"For years, natural beauty fans have used vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar (ACV), as a cure-all for everything from dandruff to spots," Imelda Burke, author and founder of natural beauty store Content Beauty told the Daily Mail. "Now the beauty industry has caught on to this versatile ingredient and it is popping up in toners, due to its cleansing and astringent nature, as well as its skin pH balancing benefits."

In short, apple cider vinegar (as well as completely diluted normal vinegar) is a natural exfoliating acid, and boosts the skin with its antioxidant properties. If you're interested in giving it a go, start by introducing a beauty vinegar to your skincare regime by using it as a secondary cleanser and toner.

It's important to stress, however, that applying neat vinegar or apple cider vinegar to skin can result in unwanted side effects. "The potentially harmful effects range from irritation, exaggerated sunburn, superficial chemical burn (from repetitive application), and depigmentation as a result of the initial irritation," Shasa Hu, a Miami-based dermatologist, told Allure.

With that in mind, it might be best to stick to one of these formulated skincare-specific products to try out the trend: