Brow Lamination Is The Pain-Free Alternative To Microblading

by Lauren Sharkey
Brow lamination is the pain-free grooming alternative to microblading

For many, eyebrows are now the most important part of the face with a considerable amount of time spent pruning and styling. But what if you could just wake up with perfectly groomed brows? Well, that's exactly what brow lamination aims to offer.

Originating in Russia, per Refinery29, this new grooming treatment has hit the UK by force. Although it doesn't involve you leaving the salon with plastic-coated brows, like its name implies, the noninvasive procedure will see you sporting clingfilm-covered brows for a few minutes.

Essentially, brow lamination is a perm for eyebrows. The best part is it's suitable for literally anyone, whether you have thick, unruly brows or sparse, barely there ones. As Natalie Piper, international trainer at the Eyelash Design Company, told Vogue: “It’s the perfect treatment for anyone whose hairs are irregular in direction, have any gaps in between said hairs, or who want that groomed, brushed-up look.”

The treatment — which results in the feathery look popularised by catwalk models — incorporates two different solutions. The first sees a lifting cream applied to the brows, per Allure, making the hairs softer and easier to manipulate. Hairs are then brushed upwards before a neutraliser is applied. This keeps the brows in place for up to eight weeks.

Tinting can also be added to make brows a certain colour. (You'll need a patch test around 48 hours before to ensure there are no allergies or signs of irritation.) Finally, hairs are cut, waxed, and plucked into your desired shape.

Unlike microblading, brow lamination is relatively inexpensive with prices ranging from around £40 to £75. There aren't many after-effects either. All you have to do is ensure your brows stay dray for 24 hours, reports Refinery29. It's also advisable to quickly brush them every morning.

At first, brows "will look very sleek with a wet look," brow lamination expert Katie Humphreys told Huda Beauty. However, this wet appearance only lasts for a day, eventually turning into a fluffier style. "If you want that glossy look, you can achieve it easily by applying a brow gel or serum," Humphreys noted.

As this is effectively a perm, hair may be damaged over time, dermatologist Shari Marchbein explained to Allure. "Just as overprocessing the hair on your scalp with chemicals and bleach can cause breakage, dryness, and even loss of hairs, the same holds true for eyebrow hairs," she said. To help keep individual hairs healthy, apply nourishing oils and creams to laminated brows.

Now, excuse me while I hastily book an appointment.