Casey Is Waging A One Man War On The 'Temptation Island' Production Team

Casey on Temptation Island Season 2
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Spoilers ahead for Part 2 of the Temptation Island Season 2 finale. If you follow him on social media, you're not surprised that Casey didn't attend the Temptation Island reunion. Since leaving the island alone, he has made public nemeses of its production crew for making him look like someone he's not. "Me chilling back watching all the reunion drama unfold knowing I stayed out of it," he captioned an Instagram photo on Dec. 18. He's clearly not a fan of the show.

It all started with a clip Ashley was shown at bonfire. In it, Casey's in the pool with Medinah and says, "Honestly, if Ashley broke up with me, I'd be OK. I'd just go back to hooking up with anyone." According to Casey, that's not what he actually said. He alleges that his words were spliced together in post-production to defame his character and complete a narrative. He explained everything on his Instagram Story.

According to him, Medinah asked him why he came to Temptation Island in the first place. He explained that Ashley's low self-esteem and unhappiness caused tension in their relationship, and he hoped the experience would lift her confidence. He said that he, on the other hand, would find a way to be happy with or without a relationship because he finds happiness within himself. He didn't want Ashley to break up with him, he just knew that he would eventually be OK if she did. He said the "hooking up" portion of the clip was taken from his explanation of Ashley's feelings — that she was afraid he would go back to hooking up with other girls.

In his Instagram bio, he calls Temptation Island "manipulation island" and he took it upon himself to share a Business Insider article about how reality TV works behind the scenes. And when he kept publicly trashing the show, the son of an executive producer blew up his DMs with hate. "When Jude Jeffress, the executive producers son has to make a backup account to talk Sh*t to you!" he tweeted. "Temptation island is made by scumbags."

At the reunion, Ashley said she and Casey talk every day, but they're currently nothing more than friends. She did comment "cute overalls" on one of his recent pictures, but she comments on most of her fellow cast members' pics.

When Casey's not scheming about reality TV online, he's posting pictures of his gym gains and modeling shoots, and he shares the occasional inspirational message. "Each day you get the opportunity to shape the type of person you will become. Your actions and how you treat others day by day slowly become part of your character!" he wrote on Instagram. "Choose your actions wisely and take note of who you are becoming!" He may have not liked it, but that's a lesson he surely learned on Temptation Island.