What Exactly Is Ciate's Dewy Stix?

by Rachel Nussbaum

Just when you thought, "what more can be done with highlighters?," Ciaté London comes along with a way to do the very least, but make it look like the complete most. Does that sentence make sense? Does a highlighter without pigment or glitter make sense? No. And yet, here we are: What's in Ciaté's London's Dewy Stix is ideal for anyone who wants to glow not like a stick, worm or ~superstar~, but just like someone coming in from a really great, moderate workout. The dream.

Available for $26 at Sephora on Feb. 28, the brand describes the Dewy Stix as a one-step stick to the "ultimate dewy skin complexion, without shimmer." A "luminous highlighting balm," it "give all skin tones a custom, healthy glow," per their Instagram. The concept is kind of genius, because it truly is one-size-fits-all — so where other brands are diving into more diverse highlighter shades, the Dewy Stix' translucent shine works for everyone.

Ciaté London Dewy Stix Luminous Highlighting Balm, $26, Sephora

All that being said, if $26 for a sheen stick isn't happening, try Vaseline instead. It might not be quite as fun to apply, but will get the job done. If you just have a grudge against the Brits, M.A.C.'s Prep + Prime Essential Oils Stick is similar, as is Wander Beauty's Rise and Prime duo. In you want to spend your life's savings and/or sell a kidney on the black market ($700, LOL), Pat McGrath Labs' Skin Fetish 003 stick gives a likewise glow.

M.A.C Prep + Prime Essential Oil Stick, $27, Nordstrom; Wander Beauty Rise And Prime, $39, Sephora; Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish 003 Stick, $70, Pat McGrath

So! You've got choices, but the Dewy Stix is a great one for people looking for a natural kind of shine. Bonus: If your skin is still crumbling from winter, the brand says the "supercharged glow formula is hydrating and kind to skin."

And while the brand says the gel-like formula "dries down to a non-tacky texture," you could go rogue and top it with some finely-milled glitter, for that $700 dollar Skin Fetish effect.

All in all, pretty foolproof. I'd put it on on the subway, no problem.

Imagine the combo of this and MILK's Blur Stick — no foundation, but such skin special effects. What a world we live in.

MILK Blur Stick, $36, Sephora

Image: Courtesy of Brand