What Is ColourPop's Crushed Crystal Collection? It's All About The Prime & The Prep


On-trend, affordable, and quality makeup, with an emphasis on color, is the immovable cornerstone of ColourPop Cosmetics. Ultra Matte liquid lippies and Super Shock eyeshadows are their hallmarks. ColourPop's Crushed Crystal Collection ventures into the prep and prime categories. The brand has already mastered the art of color and makeup; now it's focusing on providing customers and the ColourPop faithful with the right tools to prep skin for the slaytastic makeup, to set it, and to finish it off. It's "accessory makeup," as I like to call it. What exactly is the ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection and what's in it?

We have all the intel about the latest launch from the L.A. indie brand.

Well, it's limited edition, according to the press materials received by Bustle. The expansive collection launches on the brand's site and sales platform on Wednesday, Jun. 28, features Crystal Priming and Setting Sprays, Crystal Lip Balms, and Crystal Liquid Highlighters. All of those products are infused with real crushed crystals. The sets are named after the crystal ingredient featured in them, as well.

Here's a further breakdown of all this awesome.

The Crystal Priming Spray is $6 and soothes skin prior to foundation application. The Crystal Setting Spray, which is the same price, calms and protects skin, allowing makeup to stay put longer. If you put a lot of time into creating your look, you don't want it to melt or migrate.

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The Crystal Lip Balm is $5 and can be used solo or as a topper for lipstick and additional opalescence. #OnTrend #RightNow

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The Crystal Liquid Highlight is also $9 and is designed to be paired with other products.

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You can mix the liquid highlighter with your moisturizer or with applied foundation for additional dewy glow.

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Crystals are always in!

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These prep tools look so summery.

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These prep, prime, and finishing products offer total makeup assists and will aid you in getting the most out of your products.

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Lip toppers are a hot product and trend in 2017.  

This overall collection comes in different varieties for some of the products — Aventurine (Opalescent green), Rose Quartz (Opalescent rose), Amethyst (Opalescent lavender), and Aquamarine (Opalescent blue), all of which have additional properties.

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