Demi's Returned To Her Roots Since Wrapping Up Colton's Season Of 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

Every season of The Bachelor makes a point of bestowing a so-called "villain" edit on at least one contestant. And while Catherine appeared to be a frontrunner for that title during the premiere, that title has since passed to Demi, who has rubbed some of her fellow contestants the wrong way. However, her bold behavior and confidence certainly seems to be working on Colton, who continues to give her a rose each week. Which is why you might be wondering what Demi is doing after The Bachelor, given how controversial she's become. The more drama-filled contestants never seem to last very long on the show, but there's a lot more to Demi than meets the eye on-camera, so she could prove to be the exception to that rule.

Customarily, contestants aren't allowed too reveal too much about their lives while their respective season is airing since the ABC higher-ups don't want them to accidentally spoil how the story ends. (Otherwise, what would be the point in watching?) So browsing Demi's various social media accounts doesn't provide a ton of insight, nor does it confirm or deny if she gets engaged to Colton, but there are a few details that can help us piece together what she's been up to since Season 23 wrapped.

Based on some of the photos she's posted on Instagram during these past few weeks, it looks like Demi has returned to Texas, which is where she's originally from. And she seems to still be just as outgoing as ever, so however things play out with Colton it looks like she's doing well for herself and living her best life.

Despite what her edit may suggest, she also appears to have established some pretty close friendships with several of her fellow contestants, so even if love isn't in the cards, she's definitely walking away with some pretty special relationships.

Could these be future Bachelor in Paradise members? When it comes to this series, it's important not to rule anything out. But honestly, who wouldn't want to watch more of Demi on their television screen?

Meanwhile, Demi remains extremely active on Twitter, even responding to or retweeting various things fans are saying about her. And considering that she's also jokingly replied to Colton on there, which hints that they either parted on really good terms or are still together.

Clearly, Demi doesn't regret the experience she had on the show, even if she's been given the "villain" edit for the majority of the season. Sure, she's stirred up a little drama thus far, but a lot of the hostility has been directed at her first, prompting her to take action and defend herself. Otherwise, she's just trying to get to know Colton better and when you're competing for his time with numerous other women, you have to be a little forward.

Regardless of if she walks away with the final rose or not, Demi seems to be enjoying her present day life to the fullest and generally being her fun self, which — thanks to the power of Instagram and Twitter — we can continue to enjoy long after Colton's Bachelor season is over.