Ear Highlighting Is An Instagram Trend Now & It's Actually Kind Of Genius

Odds are that you've seen the full-face highlighter challenge by now. It's no secret that people love rubbing cheek-shine all over their body, but this time it's getting even more intense. As Allure found, ear highlighting is now a trend on Instagram. Yes, you read that right. The latest makeup hack is actually pretty genius too. Once you see these ear highlighting videos, you'll be tempted to try the trend too.

Consider this the trend that just won't die. Cheek shine has been a huge step in the makeup process for beauty lovers all over the world. There's been celebrity-made shades and even rainbow hues, but it looks like the product is being recreated yet again. This time people aren't just sticking to the face though. Ear highlighter is the one thing your beauty routine has been missing.

Basically, it work the same way as any other feature you would highlight. You dip your brush into said highlight and rub it all over your ear. The trend seems to be centered around the inside of the ear, so people can see it no matter what angle they're coming from. I guess if you're going to highlight your cheek, nose, lips, and collarbone, you might as well add some to your ear as well.

As Bretman Rock put it in his Instagram video, the trend "amplifies your hearing, when people want to be talking sh*t." I'm not sure the science behind that, but it does look pretty darn great. The makeup artist isn't the only on getting in on the trend, either. This highlighter trend is going viral on social media.

Unlike winged liner, this is a trend that literally anyone can do. You don't have to be a professional makeup artist to rub the shimmer power all over your earlobes. Make sure that you're using your makeup remover your ears at the end of the day, if you do try the trend.

Makeup has no rules, so rub the shimmery cheek shine wherever your little heart desires. After all, it will all wash off at the end of the day. There's no reason not to try your hand at this trend.