What Is "Ecstasy Cake"? Pinterest Recipes For This New Dessert Trend Sound Ridiculously Delicious

The news cycle is stressful so, as a necessary palate cleanser, let’s talk about cake. Specifically, let’s talk about ecstasy cake on Pinterest, which is taking over people's feeds as of late. Its name suggests that it is a dessert so good, it will put you into a euphoric state. Quite the challenge for a cake, given the aforementioned news cycle, but one I’m betting plenty of us are up for, given the aforementioned news cycle.

Ecstasy cake, also known as “Better Than Sex” cake, takes your standard chocolate box cake mix and elevates it to a dessert level that should require protection. Basically, you make a poke cake base. If you aren’t familiar with poke cake, it’s where you make a cake and then poke holes in it, typically with the handle of a wooden spoon. It’s a cake that’s been poked. Not everything has to be complicated.

Then, to make an Ecstasy cake, you pour a caramel and condensed milk mixture over the poke cake, allowing the gooey sauce to soak in. After you’ve let it soak, you top with whipped cream and your crumbled candy of choice (ideally Heath or Butterfinger or something with toffee and chocolate layers).

What you’re left with is a moist (sorry, I know it’s a gross word, but it’s the one that best describes the cake) cake overflowing with caramel-y goodness. If that’s not your definition of “ecstasy,” then fine, okay, more cake for me.

Well Done/YouTube

If you search "Ecstasy Cake" on Pinterest, give yourself an hour or several to drool over the images of the caramel, chocolate glory to which you are about to bear witness. Most people have chosen to take the standard route with a crumbled Butterfinger or Heath topping, but why stop there?

Does coffee tickle your fantasy? Add some espresso into the cake mix. Are you emotionally moved by peanut butter? Who isn’t? Sub some of the caramel sauce drizzle with melted peanut butter. You wanna go absolutely buckwild? Do all of it at the same time.

To each their own ecstasy cake.

I know what you’re thinking: will the ecstasy cake really send me into a state of euphoria? Is a Better Than Sex cake actually better than sex? I mean, depends on what you’re into, I guess.

I’m sure there’s plenty of crappy sex that a piece of Better Than Sex cake usurps. Sweaty summer sex where your skin keeps sticking together in weird places and you’re hot and bothered in a bad way? Cake’s probably better than that. Ecstasy Cake may not be better than the idea of sex on the beach, but it’s definitely better than the reality: sand and salty residue in your most personal of creases. You know how sometimes you feel too full to have sex? In that same moment, I bet you wouldn’t feel too full for Better Than Sex cake.

Well Done on YouTube

Not to get you too riled up, but there are recipes for Better Than Sex pumpkin cake. Just sub out the chocolate cake mix for a more autumnal alternative. If you really want to live out your wildest fantasies, use cream cheese frosting instead of whipped cream.

A quick Google search will show you that the internet is gushing with “Better Than Sex” recipes, products, and the like. There’s Better Than Sex Brisket. There’s Better Than Sex Ice Cream. There is even a fruit salad that’s like, “I, too, am superior to sex.” Bold claim coming from a fruit salad but okay.

So, you can have a three-course Better Than Sex meal. Which, of course, would best be enjoyed while wearing Too Faced’s Better Than Sex Mascara. Basically, the world wants us all to live our horniest, most ecstasy-filled life.