The 2018 Arrowverse Crossover Title Could Be A Major Hint Of What's To Come

Diyah Pera/The CW

Crossover events have become somewhat of a tradition in the DCTV world in recent years, and this year will be no exception. In fact, it's looking to be the most epic undertaking The CW has done thus far. On Wednesday, the network announced that the upcoming three-night event (scheduled to air in December) has been given the official title of "Elseworlds." So what does "Elseworlds" mean, exactly, and what can it tell us about what's in store for our beloved vigilantes? Fans of the DC comics may have some helpful insights on the matter.

In the comics, the term "Elseworlds" is used to describe stories that took place outside of the regular DC canon. (Examples of this can be found in works such as Gotham by Gaslight or Kingdom Come.) Considering that this crossover special will introduce Ruby Rose’s Batwoman and Gotham City, the title seems to suggest that this iteration of Batwoman is from an entirely different multiverse than the members of the Arrowverse we've come to know and love. Regardless, it definitely allows for the story to go in any number of directions, which is pretty exciting and much more difficult to predict. If there's one thing fans can expect, it's the unexpected. An official poster for the crossover was also unveiled by The CW, along with the caption: "Chaos is coming." And it certainly sounds like the crossover will deliver on that promise.

As the image suggests, The CW series The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl will all be part of the crossover, though DC's Legends of Tomorrow will not. That may be due to all of the other new DC characters who will be making cameos throughout the three-night saga. Among the new players joining the DCTV team are LaMonica Garrett, who according to Entertainment Weekly, will be playing The Monitor, also known as Mar Novu, described as being “an extraterrestrial being of infinite power.” In the comics, Monitors are in charge of watching over the multiverse and have been known to intervene if the situation becomes dire enough. It's unclear how exactly The Monitor will play into "Elseworlds," but the title does seem to suggest that Mar Novu could be involved in sending the Arrowverse in a completely different direction.

Elizabeth Tulloch will also appear as Lois Lane during the crossover, while Lost‘s Jeremy Davies will take on the role of John Deegan, a doctor over at Arkham Asylum, and Cassandra Jean Amell will play Mr. Freeze’s wife, Nora. But just in case that isn't enough, Tyler Hoechlin will also be reprising his Supergirl portrayal of Superman, aka Clark Kent. Suffice it to say, these episodes will be jam packed with a ton of great characters, both old and new. Regardless of whether you watch one DC series or all three, this is something any superhero fan is pretty much guaranteed to love.

The three-night crossover event will kick off on Sunday, Dec. 9 with The Flash, then continue on Monday, Dec. 10 with Supergirl before finishing on Tuesday, Dec. 11 with Arrow. Hopefully that's all the time they'll need to defeat the crossover villain and get home safely from "Elseworlds."