What Is Everything You Do Is Right Day?

Was everything that you thought on Mar. 15 just totally, utterly, unwillingly wrong? Like, you couldn’t control how wrong you were all the time? That’s because it was National Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. But guess what? Mar. 16, the day following such a dreadful holiday, is National Everything You Do Is Right Day. Woo hoo! But now, you might be wondering — what is Everything You Do Is Right Day?

National Everything You Do Is Right Day doesn’t really have an origin. It’s basically Glinda the Good Witch of days compared to the Wicked Witch of the West (which is obviously Everything You Think Is Wrong Day), and there really isn’t an explanation to why this is a thing. However, it is confirmed by the National Day Calendar website, which states all of these crazy looney holidays in the first place.

Now be warned, my friends, this day is slightly different in the title. It doesn’t have to do with what you think, but instead what you do that is right. So, in the spirit of the holiday is basically saying that every single thing you do on Mar. 16 will be unequivocally right. No matter what your boss, your parents, or your significant other may tell you — you are doing everything right on Mar. 16. (Unless you do something illegal, without moral, or mean-spirited. That will always be wrong.)

To test this theory, here are a few things you can do on Mar. 16:

Wear Whatever You Want

Anything you've been scared to wear before — do it today!

Ask Your Crush On A Date

Even if you’ve been waiting for the right moment, doesn’t matter, you’re doing it right.

Throw A Party

There's no better way to celebrate a day like this!