This Flipbook Is Actually Filled With Paper Sheets Of Bronzer, Blush & Highlight

If you have ever gone traveling and had to make the hard decision of what to pack into your makeup bag, then one beauty brand is here to make the process a little less painful for you. Flesh Beauty's bronzer, highlighter, and blush Flipbook lets you bring your makeup essentials along without all of the packaging bulk.

It looks exactly how it sounds like: Packed with a 100 sheets of makeup that take the shape of a flipbook, each paper carries either a bronzer, blush, or highlighter that you could tear off and then use to apply or retouch your makeup. Right now there are three colors to choose from: a champagne beige that acts as your highlighter, a dusty rose that will sweep on like your blush, and a deep golden brown that will work as your bronzer. You just take out a sheet much in the same way that you would bring out a sheet of blotting paper, and apply the product to wherever you need it — face, cheeks, collarbone, legs — adding a pop of color without having to bring 20 pounds of makeup with you in your carry-on. The pigment is meant to cling easily to your skin without any of the mess of fallout.

This would also be extremely handy if you're stepping out for an event one evening, or nipping out to a date, where you can pop the inconspicuous book into your clutch and duck into the bathroom at any time to freshen up your look. It has the potential to become a Saturday night staple.

It's a convenient product to have because not only does it do the job of three products in one, but it won't spill or break in your bag and is smaller and lighter than a deck of cards, meaning it won't weigh you down.

If you're wondering how to apply it, it works best on clean skin but will also give you a radiant glow if you use it to touch-up previous makeup. "This works best on clean skin or as an on-the-go touchup, and is perfect to toss in your gym bag or work bag or evening bag or carry-on bag or man bag," Flesh Beauty wrote in their product description. "If using over makeup, press – don’t rub it on."

Pressing it on top of your previous makeup to re-touch it is an important tip to remember, because rubbing it on will only disturb and smear the previous layer of cosmetics underneath. You want to add more color to your face, and not wreck the foundation that you already have underneath.

The product is also fragrance and paraben-free, and isn't tested on animals. As far as pricing goes, it's a mid-level product that clocks in at $22, and while that might sound steep to some, you have to remember that you're getting three different products in one. The tear-off bronzer, blush, and highlighter sheets are now available at Ulta, so go ahead and give them a go. Your weighed-down carry-on or evening bag will thank you!