Why There's Frog-Shaped Bread All Over Your Social Feeds Right Now

Karin Dreyer/Getty

Judging by the low stock of flour and yeast in supermarkets, a large portion of the UK has been using lockdown to hone their bread-making skills. Kneading and rolling dough has become a meditative pastime for some, but the average loaf doesn’t seem to be cutting it on social media. Many have gone down an absurdly creative avenue of creating creatures out of their dough, especially those of the amphibious variety. But exactly what is frog bread, and why is it dominating the breadsphere?

This new creation is as simple as it sounds, it’s literally bread baked in the shape of a frog. But as every baker knows, the baking process can be pretty unpredictable. You only have to scroll so far on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to find an abundance of frogs in various sizes and colours.

When you search for Frog Bread on Google, a recipe from The Fresh Loaf posted in 2005 pops up as the first result. There doesn’t seem to be a solid reason as to why this recipe is circulating in 2020, but does there need to be a reason? These chubby little bread frogs popping up on my timeline every now and then has been an absolute delight during lockdown.

If you’re inspired to make your own lil’ frog friend, the recipe is pretty simple. And you don’t necessarily need to follow it step by step either, make your froggy companion however you want to make it.