Garrett & Some Of The 'Bachelorette' Men Have A Bro Squad Now, Apparently

ABC/Robert Clark

Garrett has largely flown under the radar this season on The Bachelorette, and has surely been less polarizing than a certain former Bachelorette winner he shares a name with. Aside from the whole Luke P. confrontation last Monday night, he's seemed like a chill and perfectly pleasant dude. But it's still difficult to tell where he stands, or if after The Bachelorette, Garrett might still be with Hannah.

Of course, he's not going to give away any secrets about how far he makes it — Bachelor/ette contestants are always sworn to secrecy. But he has been pretty active on social media, where he's talked about two of his passions: golf and Alabama Hannah. Most recently, he shouted out a fellow professional golfer for his PGA performance, and retweeted a comment from Luke S. about how he hopes Hannah had access to all the alcohol she needed while filming.

If anything, we know Garrett didn't make many enemies in the mansion. He seems like he's stayed in touch with a lot of the other contestants, as he's shared quite a few photos of himself with them on Instagram, even writing affectionately in one caption that they're the best "squad" out there.

Other than Bachelorette content, here's what else Garrett has been up to post-filming, based on his social media.

He's Still Golfing

Garrett is a golf pro (not to be confused with a pro golfer), and he's been keeping active with the sport despite his recent TV fame.

He's Watching Baseball

Baseball seems to be another passion of his, as Garrett has been cheering on Mississippi State's team from the stands.

He's Holding Babies

We stan a man who loves kids.

He's Spending Time In Alabama

No, this isn't a spoiler. Garrett is from Birmingham, so he and Hannah share a home state.

He's Appreciating Everyone's Support

Garrett recently posted a video of himself thanking everyone for their support throughout his Bachelorette journey. He also was playing catch with a very cute dog as he did so. Just saying.

He Vaguely Weighed In On The Luke P. Drama

We know from what we've seen on TV that Garrett, like many of us, isn't thrilled with Luke P.'s behavior. He retweeted this meme about Luke lurking in the background of the frame, but that's the most explicit he's gotten offscreen. On the show, he had plenty to say to Luke's face.

Other than that, we don't really know what Garrett's been up to. He and Hannah seem like they're getting along great, but unfortunately, so much of the time this season has been dedicated to drama between Luke P. and Hannah or Luke P. and the other guys, it's been tough to get a good read on any of the other men. Garrett's lips seem sealed as far as the results of the show goes, but that doesn't mean we can't keep up with him in the meantime and keep mining his Instagram for clues.