Horse Twitter Is A Thing That Exists & It Showed Up For The Alabama Election

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

After videos emerged of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore riding a horse, Twitter lost its mind and questioned whether the guy even knows how to ride a horse. Donning a black cowboy hat and firmly holding the reins, the Alabama contender looked like a cowboy in still images, but the moment video clips surfaced online, Twitter users couldn't help but comment on how bizarre it all was. Naturally, hilarity ensued.

Moore rode "Sassy" to vote in the state's special election on Tuesday in Gallant, Alabama. Previously in September, Moore explained why he keeps Sassy by his side. While speaking with CNN, Moore said riding the brown mare was a "good thing to do" for his own fortune. He said, "I won the last time I rode a horse" while referring to his victory against Sen. Luther Strange. In eyebrow-raising video clips, Sassy seemed to almost throw Moore off and nervously galloped around.

For some Twitter users, Moore's decision to ride Sassy into the polls was "the definition of pandering." Other users joked about Moore's riding skills but also added caveats that there were much more significant problems to address, namely the accusations of sexual harassment and assault against the Republican runner. Moore was accused of sexually inappropriate behavior toward teenage girls while he was a district attorney in his 30s. The GOP candidate has denied all allegations and said in a statement, "I do not know [the accusers]. I had no encounter with them. I have never molested anyone."

Twitter users really went after Moore for being a remarkably bad horse rider. But they poured their love for good ol' Sassy who, according to Horse Twitter, didn't seem too happy to be around Moore.

1. An Awful Rider

In this all-caps rant, Moore got a furious lesson in how to ride a horse.

2. Legitimately Bizarre

Many people noticed that Sassy didn't look so happy or sure about Moore on top. Plus, the way Moore held the reins seemed weird to some users.

3. Terrible On A Horse

Acknowledging that there are more significant issuers to consider, one Twitter user couldn't help but notice how "terrible" Moore looked on horseback.

4. Bad Form

If you look at the clip, you'll see why so many Twitter users found Sassy's apparent uncertainty about Moore so remarkable. She looks like she's having the opposite of a good time.

5. Fraud

Moore ain't a cowboy, apparently.

6. Not Havin' It

Sassy seemed to have exposed Moore's apparent lack of Western credentials.

7. Zero Idea

You might want to watch the clip for yourself.

8. Love For Sassy

Sassy turned out to be the real sweetheart for Twitter users.

9. This Gif

One Twitter user shared this hilarious gif to depict Sassy's feels.

10. What Moore Looked Like

Clearly, very few folks thought Moore looked graceful riding Sassy.

11. The Video In All Its Glory

Please. Watch. This.

12. Fake Cowboy

Here's a calm-looking mare.

13. This Actual Lesson In Horse Riding

Perhaps the best part of Twitter trolling Moore was that people curious about horse riding got actual education on it. This Twitter used wrote, "[Moore's] heels should be down, his legs are sticking out like it's his first time on a horse, his posture sucks, he doesn't know how to hold the reins, he has no control, and the horse hates his guts." Free education brought to you by Horse Twitter.

14. Sassy, The Politically Opinionated Horse


15. Long Live Horse Twitter

Horse Twitter, the folks grilling Moore, got a lot of love today.

16. Sassy Versus Moore

People really didn't think Sassy was fond of the Alabama Senate candidate.

17. This Excellent Audio

Sometimes the internet will deliver truly wonderful art, such as this version of Moore on horseback.

18. Senator Sassy

If Sassy became a senator, she would have Horse Twitter's full endorsement.

19. Oof

Some just went in.

20. Sassy, The Social Media Savvy Horse

Shortly after the news broke that Moore rode a horse to the polls, someone created a Twitter profile for Sassy. And the bio simply says, "I did not ask for this. I am just a horse. I had no choice in the matter."

21. The Best Joke Today

The best joke, it seems, came from one person who used a photo of little Lyanna Mormont of Bear Island with the caption, "Horse Twitter judging Roy Moore's riding." Mormont, a small sized but formidable young character from the HBO series Game of Thrones, had the perfect expression that encapsulated Horse Twitter's rage against Moore today.

In summary, Horse Twitter really did not approve of Moore's riding skills and reserved their love and respect for sweet ol' Sassy.