These Gender Inclusive Swimsuits Were Designed Especially For The LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ community is too often neglected in the swimwear market, but one new brand is out to change all of that. Humankind Swimwear is a new gender inclusive and LGBTQ-focused swimwear line founded by 24-year-old Los Angeles native, Haily Marzullo. (Humankind Swimwear caries sizes S-XL.) Struggling for years to find swimwear that she felt comfortable in, Mazullo decided to design the pieces that she felt were missing in the bathing suit world, giving people more options on what to wear to the beach. Humankind Swimwear ensures that folks don't have to choose gender-conforming pieces that they aren't comfortable in, widening everyone's options when it comes to swimwear.

Designed to promote "self-love and acceptance," Humankind Swimwear adds more inclusivity to the swimwear market by acknowledging that gender-inclusive pieces can help people feel more comfortable at the beach.

"Everyday a great number of people, particularly within the LGBTQ community, are faced with a series of hurdles. Because the world is designed with a specific mold, everything, down to the simple things, add up and further isolate individuals," the brand's release reads. Mazullo, who is a lesbian, saw firsthand just how isolating it is not to be able to find the swimwear that you feel comfortable in and that you envisioned for yourself.

"In the past, I’d have to shop at multiple stores and pick products that were not considered swimwear or that were categorized specifically for men. Two years ago, my frustration hit the max. I couldn’t understand why there weren’t more options for people like me who want to mix and match different swim products," Marzullo shares on the Kickstarter page.

"Instead of struggling to find a swimsuit that fit incorrectly, wasn’t actually a swimsuit, or was deemed for another gender, Humankind Swim allows humans to feel 100% themselves. No apologizing, no choosing the 'wrong' gender, no more hurdles when it comes to swimwear," the release shares. “My sole focus is to provide fashion-forward swimwear options for the LGBTQ community who are often neglected when it comes to gender-neutral swim options.”

The line features five options that are easily mixed and matched. Each piece is currently available in black and blue, with sizes ranging from S-XL. Right now the collection is in its beginning stages, and the line is on Kickstarter, where the founder needs help to raise enough funds to make this dream a reality. With a goal of $75,000, Marzullo already has $5,000 collected. But even though Humankind Swimwear is still in its beginning stages, Marzullo is confident this missing link in the swimwear world will stick.

For $59 and more, you get a sports bra that you will get in the mail come June. They have blended the best features of a sports bra with the functionality of a swim top, giving you a cute, fast-drying piece for your upper body. For $79, you can pick out trunks with no lining, and for $89 you can get trunks with lining. Want a whole bathing suit set? For $99, you get the sports bra and trunk set.

To get your own set, visit Humankind Swim's Kickstarter page here, and enjoy your gender-inclusive and chic options. This just might end up being your best summer yet.