TOMS & Disney Just Teamed Up To Give You The Perfect Non-Glass Slipper

Courtesy Disney

There is nothing better than slipping into the perfect fitting shoe. Cinderella knows it, and she's bringing a little bit of the magic to you — sort of. The TOMS x Disney shoe collection features all of the OG princesses in a way that is anything but gimmicky. All of the prints were made by women with women in mind, and they are magical to say the least.

The ultimate wearable Disney shoe collection is here, and you don't even need a magic wand to get it. TOMS and Disney created a 30-piece collection of shoes and eyewear that is made for all ages. The prints aren't super bright or quirky, but they feature all the best characters, like Cinderella, her godmothers, and even those adorable little talking mice.

The prints hold a special meaning too. According to Footwear News, the illustrations on the accessories were created between the mid-1930s and 1959 by a group of young female artists and animators. The girl power in these kicks are not just because of the princesses or the people wearing the collection, but the actual creators of the print.

According to Disney Style, Toms says the collection is “for those who break glass ceilings in glass slippers." If that's not enough to make you want to buy these shoes, then the look will win you over.

Courtesy Disney

The brand is making sure that you can get your hands on every single style, too. The collection will be coming out in different waves as the summer goes on. According to Hello Giggles, the Cinderella designs will the first to arrive on June 21st. The Sleeping Beauty series comes next on July 19. Last, but not least, Snow White and the dwarfs will arrive in stores on Aug. 23.

That's not the end of Disney for the year though. The publication states that the TOMS x Disney holiday collection will arrive shortly after that. Basically, you're going to want to hit your fairy godmother up for a few bucks, because you won't want to miss this collection.

The price of the shoes have not been announced yet. Bustle reached out to the brand for comment about how many pumpkin carriages need to be scrubbed in order to get the kicks. If it's anything like the previous collections, you should expect to spend anywhere from $36 to $90, depending on the style.

Courtesy Disney

There is a Disney shoe design for just about everyone out there in this collection. Some shoes are splattered with print, while others have minimal embroidery and subtle characters placed around the shoe. All of them are in the classic TOMS slip-on shoes that you likely already know and love.

The prints are also super consistent throughout the entire collection. Instead of bright pops of colors and quirky, overly-drawn characters, this collection is sophisticated. The prints have a vintage feel, but the millennial pink and light blue designs make them perfect for all ages and occasions.

Not to mention that there's also a few eyewear items thrown into the mix as well. As amazing as the shoes are, the glasses might be even better. Whether you're looking to stock up on a new pair of summer sunnies or just get a prescription frame upgrade, the brand has something for you in the line. While the prints are harder to make out, they're just as stylish.

Courtesy Disney

Mark you calendars and get your minion mouses all in a row, because this is one Disney Collection that you won't want to miss. No matter what your summer style is like, these accessories are sure to make it a little more fun.