Ipsy Now has A $25 Glam Bag Filled With Full-Sized Products

Courtesy of Ipsy

There's no shortage of subscription beauty boxes out there, and they all have their own unique perks. One, however, is getting a bit of a makeover, and it's an exciting time for subscribers. The new Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is an upgraded subscription box from the original Ipsy bag, and it may just knock your socks off.

What's special about this new offering from Ipsy, and why should you be in to it? One reason: full-sized products. While Ipsy has long been a provider of sample sized products for their customers to try, they're expanding their offerings to include full sized goodies (yes, totally full size, not just deluxe samples) in their new Ipsy Glam Bag Plus.

Of course, like any sort of upgrade, the Glam Bag Plus is a bit more costly than the original $10 Glam Bag, but just wait until you hear the price. It's only $25. No, that's not a lie. You'll get five full-size products for only $25. This is real life, but Ipsy may have just made all of your cosmetics, skin care, and hair dreams come true.

From Sunday Riley to Buxom to Tarte, Ipsy offers some of the biggest brands in the game, and now they're being offered in full sizes just for you.

How do you sign up for the new Glam Bag Plus? It's rolling out slowly over the next few weeks for current subscribers. If you're not already a member of Ipsy with an active subscription, you'll need to wait a bit longer, and the date hasn't been revealed regarded when you'll be able to simply subscribe to the bag. For those who do already get the original Glam Bag, you'll be offered the upgrade over time. Simply be patient, and it'll be coming to your doorstep soon.

How often will your receive the bag of full sized beauty products? Getting five goodies every month seems like kind of a big deal, right? Well, it is, and you're totally getting it with Glam Bag Plus subscription. You'll get five, full-size products each month. There's only a very minor catch. The Glam Bag Plus subscription comes with a deluxe makeup bag, but you'll only receive the new bag every three months. If you were hoping that this deal was unbelievably good with five full sized products every month, get excited because they're coming at you, and every three months, you'll snag a new bag, too.

In terms of what you'll receive in the bag, that's classic Ipsy. Just like with the original Glam Bag, your beauty profile on the site is how your products will be chosen. Plus, if you skin texture or beauty tastes change over time, you are able to change your preferences on the website allowing the bag to shift as your interests shifts.

If you're already an Ipsy subscriber, keep your eyes peeled because the option to switch over to the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus is coming your way. With a bag filled with full-sized products at only $25, it's going to be a hard deal to pass up. Get ready, because your beauty dreams are about to become a reality.

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