What Is Ivana Trump Doing Now? Donald's First Wife Is Still A Larger-Than-Life Personality

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In case you ever wondered where President Trump's nickname "The Donald" comes from, that would be courtesy of his ex-wife, Ivana Trump. The 69-year-old is most famous for being Trump's first wife, but what Ivana is doing these days shows she's made quite a life for herself in the years since her very public divorce in 1992.

In a recent interview with Page Six, Ivana spoke about how she spends her time these days. According to Ivana, her weeks are split between New York City, Miami, and her getaway home in the south of France. She's also happy to be involved with her grandchildren — all nine of them, who have been instructed to call her "Ivana-ma" or "Glam-ma."

And Ivana is not happy about the recent news of her eldest son's pending divorce. Referring to public allegations that Donald Jr. cheated on wife Vanessa, Ivana said, "It’s always distressing, because I’ve been there." In fact, one could say that Ivana owns the playbook in how survive a public divorce — and a messy one at that. It couldn't have been easy for Ivana to see the "Best Sex I Ever Had" headline and know the woman there quoted was referring to her husband.

Of course, Ivana is also credited with the go-to mantra for first wives everywhere — "Don't get mad, get everything." That suggests Ivana wasn't one to indulge in self-pity for too long.

Indeed, Ivana went ahead and started up several of her own businesses and professional ventures after getting divorced from Trump. Per The Week, Ivana left her failed marriage and proceeded to pen advice columns, publish a lifestyle-focused magazine, and made several television and film appearances. Perhaps most famously, Ivana made a cameo in the First Wives Club, in which she offered her aforementioned advice to keep calm and "get everything."

As a side note, Trump apparently told radio shock jock Howard Stern that Ivana was "out of control" during her First Wives Club appearance, though he (perhaps notably) went no further in criticizing his first wife. The future president was, at the time, apparently quite convinced Ivana had successfully followed through on her "get everything" instruction.

Other screen roles for Ivana include a 2010 stint on Celebrity Big Brother. Eight years later, Ivana came back to reality television with an appearance on the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars. She'd apparently had a decisive change of heart toward the show, given Ivana had publicly chided Marla Maples for the latter's own run at the vaunted DWTS mirror ball trophy. In her recently published book Raising Trump, Ivana wrote Maples showed "no class" in becoming a DWTS contestant, and labeled her appearance on the show "a disgrace."

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Whatever bad blood Ivana has towards Maples, she's still willing to support Trump himself. Ivana has often commended her ex-husband for his decision-making skills, and made no bones about voicing her intention to vote for Trump in the presidential election.

As for her personal life, Ivana is currently single, though she told The Week, "I have companions." Like Trump, Ivana has had multiple marriages since their divorce. Riccardo Mazzucchelli, her third husband (Ivana was married once before she and Trump wed), was a jet-setting Italian businessman known for his living large lifestyle, according to Radar Online. The two were married in 1995, but divorced less than two years later in 1997. Mazzucchelli has since passed away, dying in 2017 at the age of 74.

After Mazzucchelli, Ivana would go on to later couple up with another Italian, this time a model named Rossano Rubicondi. Ivana and Rubicondi got married in 2008, but it was also a short-lived union — the two split in 2009. Though they're no longer a married couple, Ivana and Rubicondi are still spotted together. The Italian told New York Daily News in November that "she's [Ivana] involved in my life."

Parting ways with Trump in no way seemed to slow Ivana down. She's been unapologetically pursuing life on her own terms since the '90s.