'Bachelor In Paradise's Jack Stone Is Very Passionate About His High-Paying Job

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If you're shamelessly addicted to Bachelor In Paradise, background info can be helpful. You know all about these people's personal lives, but so much less about their professional lives. So really, no shame if you're wondering what Jack Stone's job is. The ABC site for the show lists his profession as attorney, and the interview on the same page suggests he's very, ahem, passionate about his job.

In response to being asked what the wildest thing he's ever done in the bedroom, he responded "Plead the fifth," which is fancy lawyer talk for refusing to give self-incriminating evidence (or "affirming a citizen's right not to serve as a witness against himself or herself," according to Time). He also mentioned that John Grisham, who writes legal thrillers, is his favorite author. The man is all sorts of committed to his vocation. But which workplace is firing him up with so much passion for law that he can't keep his job out of the bedroom or his bookshelves?

According to his professional social media, he works as part of the Real Estate Finance Practice Group (and as one of over 325 attorneys) at Winstead PC, a law company, which describes itself as "among the largest business law firms in Texas." What exactly does an attorney who works in real estate do there? Dallas Business Journal describes his work as "representing clients on commercial real estate matters, including securitized and non-securitized financings, recapitalizations, joint ventures, leases and related corporate and financial transactions."

All totally impressive, albeit bewildering sounding, but is he a good attorney? Hard to call it either way. While he's listed in Avvo's lawyer directory, he hasn't yet been reviewed or endorsed. Still, he's free from instances of professional misconduct, and, if you believe his listing there, he speaks all the languages. No, seriously: "Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Persian, Russian, Spanish."

Perhaps more importantly, is he working somewhere fun? Review site Glassdoor shows employees at Winstead PC seem generally pretty happy, with a marketing coordinator who used to work at the Dallas branch (where Stone is employed) describing the attorneys who work there as "nice and typically easy/fun to work with." This positivity is easy to understand. According to The American Lawyer "the firm placed 139th on The American Lawyer's 2017 Am Law 200 ranking," presumably making it effortless to feel good about working there.

Despite all of this, viewers might have thought that Stone's career would have made him a good fit for the leading lady on The Bachelorette season he first appeared on; Rachel Lindsay of Season 13 fame is an attorney and they even went to the same college together, the University of Texas. But things got weird fast when they went on a one-on-one date together, and Lindsay asked him what he wanted to do with her in Dallas. The attorney revealed he wanted to lie down with her in a locked room, earning him the nickname Serial Killer — a pretty unfortunate name for a man who's all about enforcing the law. It's no wonder that his opening line on Bachelor In Paradise was "I just want to go on the record that I haven’t killed anybody."

Obviously, Stone is more than his job or his unfortunate nickname. His Instagram shows multiple photos of him with beloved pup Addie, while other photos show him taking up horse riding and hanging out with friends. So, if you're looking for a high powered lawyer who can work hard, play harder, and kiss best (see the video above), this guy might be it.