What Is Konnie Huq Doing Now? The Blue Peter Icon Has Been Working With Some Pretty Cool Celebs

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The glamorous Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles is perhaps not where you'd expect to find a former Xtra Factor presenter. So British viewers of the U.S. awards ceremony were surprised to spot Konnie Huq in the star-studded audience. Was she up for an award we hadn't heard about? Come to think of it, what is Konnie Huq doing now?

Well, after her last regular presenting role on the Sky1 reality competition King of the Nerds, which saw self-confessed "nerds" compete in challenges for a £15,000 prize, Huq has been spending her time working on The Penguin Podcast. According to The Sun, she's interviewed some pretty famous authors for the podcast including McFly's Tom Fletcher, Jojo Moyes, and Carlo Rovelli. Not bad, eh?

In recent years, Huq has also appeared as a guest host on shows such as This Morning, Sunday Bruch, and The One Show. However, earlier on in her career, she was more accustomed to working on children's TV shows such as Milkshake! and the iconic Blue Peter.

After stepping down from the popular BBC kids show Blue Peter in 2008, for which she is perhaps best known, Huq was noted as the longest-serving female presenter on the show — after beating Valerie Singleton's record in 2007 — and the third longest-serving presenter overall.

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Looking back at her time working on Blue Peter, Huq told the Radio Times: "It was such fun. I think that’s why I didn’t leave, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I was enjoying it so much that I stayed on it for ages and ages and ages because I just loved doing that job." She added:

"Since I’ve left Blue Peter I’ve presented all sorts of different things. I’ve done a music show, for instance, and Blue Peter had music on it. I’ve done a politics show, but on Blue Peter I interviewed the prime minister. I’ve done travel stuff where I’ve gone abroad, but Blue Peter had that within it as well.

"The brilliant thing about Blue Peter is the variety of the stuff you do and the experiences that you have, just amazing experiences. Because Blue Peter can get you access to places — if you go to somewhere like Nasa, you don’t just see what most people see, you can get a lot of behind the scenes access. You can talk to an astronaut."

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Huq is married to Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker, which is why she attended the Primetime Emmy Awards earlier this week. He had been nominated for the best writing for a limited series gong because of his epic show — and, of course, he won.

Brooker and Huq married in July 2010 at the famous Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, and have since gone on to have two children together, Covey and Huxley. Opening up about their relationship during a recent interview with the Daily Mirror, Brooker said: "It was weird because, for years, I'd not known if I'd wanted kids or a family, that seemed like something that other people did, I couldn't perceive of that as a future. And then Konnie came along and quite early on she said 'I want kids and a family' and this sort of thing, and I heard myself going 'OK', and sort of thought, 'oh, right, why have I said that?'"

He added: "It was the best decision I ever made."

Aww, you guys.