This 'Bachelorette' Clip May Reveal When & Why Luke S. Leaves The Show

John Fleenor/ABC

According to the latest Bachelorette promo (below), Luke S. will come to blows with some of the guys during Monday night's episode. And given that drama magnets don't tend to last long on this show, that may be enough to make you wonder what Luke S. is doing after The Bachelorette. Let's just say that regardless of how this season plays out for him, he seems grateful for the experience and has zero regrets about putting himself out there.

Obviously, Luke S. isn't able to reveal any specific details about his time on the show or how long he ends up staying (that would be a major spoiler, and definitely against his ABC contract). That being said, he has made an impressive effort to document his journey however he can, posting photos from the latest episodes with fun captions that indicate he had a great time and learned a lot about himself along the way. Not everyone goes on to love the way they're portrayed on the show (just ask Luke P.), but thus far it seems that Luke S. has no complaints... though that could end up changing in the coming weeks.

During one of the latest Bachelorette promos, things get heated with some of the men in the mansion. "I'm here for Hannah and don't you ever f*cking forget it," Luke S. is shown saying to someone. The clip then immediately cuts to Mike, who says "You're violent, you're aggressive, you are a psychopath." The tricky thing here is that it's difficult to know for sure whether Mike's comments are directed toward Luke S. or if this conversation was pulled from a different point in the evening. These promo edits are meant to be misleading, so this doesn't necessarily mean Luke S. and Mike will get into an argument. In fact, chances are that they're both talking about Luke P., who's already had a lot of tension with the other men.

Regardless, Luke S. is definitely mad at someone on the show, and if he brings enough negative attention to himself, Hannah B. could decide to show him the door. However, if his Instagram is any indication, even if he does end up leaving, he has nothing but love and respect for his Bachelorette.

When he's not posting Bachelorette promotional pics, Luke S. appears to be back to work in Washington D.C., which is where he posted a recent image of himself at the start of Memorial Day weekend. Additionally, his latest Instagram stories show him hanging out with friends in D.C., so it's safe to say he's back home, though that may not last long. Bachelor in Paradise could be in Luke's future, so who knows — he could be flying off to Mexico in the coming weeks.

Luke Stone/Instagram

Fans will just have to wait and see what the future has in store for Luke S., but the important takeaway is that he's doing well and staying busy. He may not have returned home as an engaged man, but his journey should make for an interesting story to tell.