Michelle Keegan's Net Worth Proves She's Been Low-Key Crushing It For Years

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It has only been a few years since Michelle Keegan first graced our screens as the unforgettable Tina on Coronation Street, but since then she has become one of the most popular British actors working today and is now the protagonist of the acclaimed BBC army drama Our Girl. Chosen from a whopping 900 applicants for her Corrie role, Keegan has time and time again proven herself to be a versatile talent. And that demand has certainly been reflected in the money the star has earned over the past few years. But what is Keegan's net worth now that she's hit the big time?

Keegan is raking in the cash from a few different sources, showing that her talents do not just lie in acting. It has taken just 10 years for her to go from soap star to big time actor, and given the speed of that trajectory, the future of Keegan's career looks unstoppable. With this in mind, how has the young actor's net worth changed as she has become more famous?

Keegan starred in Coronation Street for six years and her character had become comfortable and reliable job for her. According to reports in the Mirror, ITV paid Keegan around £60,000 a year to play Tina. Not bad, eh? There was a big downside to this though, as the Mirror also reports that due to contractual obligations, Keegan was limited in the work she could take outside of the soap. For example, brand endorsement and sponsorship was out of the question, which for most young actors is a huge income source.

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After Keegan left Coronation Street, she basically went from strength to strength and we doubt she's ever looked back. And why would she? Free from embargoes on endorsements and brand partnerships, the young actor teamed up with clothing company Lipsy which the newspaper reports paid her a quarter of a million per year. Then there was a partnership with Garnier, which reportedly brought in another £150,000, and a clothing and homewares collection with V by Very, which is the cherry on top. The Our Girl star has totally made the art of the sponsorship deal her own.

For most celebrities, appearance fees are what really adds to your net worth, as they increase your visibility and lead to further work. According to the Mirror, Keegan raked in £50,000 in fees in 2015, a figure which has more than likely skyrocketed along with her career. The Mirror also added that in the same year, Keegan was earning an incredible 16 times her salary on Coronation Street. Is there anything she can't do? (The answer is no.)

Aside from her work with top brands, Keegan's acting profile is rock solid, with Our Girl being one of the most popular BBC shows on air. She has also starred in the TV series Ordinary Lives and Tina and Bobby. It is easy to see why the star's net worth is now, according to Spears Wealth Management, reportedly in the range of £2.7 million, which is a far cry from her income on Corrie.

Being able to supplement her acting with lucrative brand partnerships has given Keegan an entirely new avenue to go down and her entrepreneurial spirit is also seen in the fact she has her very own business. Rosia Promotions, which the actor started in 2013, has according to the Daily Mail been consistently increasing its profits, earning just under £1.2 million in 2017, with a very comfortable £1.25 million in the bank.

With season four of Our Girl returning to our television screens on Tuesday June 5, Keegan is already a household name. And, if that isn't enough of a sign she is unstoppable, fans can also look forward to her appearance on Who Do You Think You Are? on June 6. Who ever thought that Tina McIntyre would hit the big time quite like this?