The One Thing That's Most Likely To Keep You Up At Night, Based On Your Sign

We all love our beauty Z's, but we don't always get to have as many as you like. If you had a stressful Pisces season — as I know a lot of us did — you may feel extra tired and short on sleep as you play catch up during the revitalizing Aries season.

But there are reasons behind what is most likely to disrupt your sleep, based on your zodiac sign. Each one of the 12 has their select kryptonite, whether it's overanalyzing as a Virgo or being caring in excess like a Cancer. As the personal issues all vary, we should all take a good look at our inner demons before hitting the sack. Let this guide help you get started. I personally recommend journaling as a way to uncover and unwind after a long day — whatever sign you are, you'll find a lot of insight from attempting to channel your deepest inner voice. They have a lot to probably tell you!

Each sign has an element and quality that rules our abilities to understand the world around us. Whether you're earth, water, fire or air, and whether you're mutable, cardinal or fixed — all of these aspects will dictate your ability to chill out. Read on to find out what specifically will keep you up at night:


Feeling constrained is going to do a number on a soul like yours. You're already sensitive to the possibilities the world has to offer — it's why some might call you impulsive! But if you feel trapped, you're going to be up all night fretting about that. Try to expand your comfort zone in the waking world — the self-directed excitement will help you relax a little more.


Not being comfortable enough can ruin your vibe, physically and mentally. Make sure you're in the most suitable environment for yourself and moderate accordingly. Whether you're in relationships that don't suit you or you need to beautify your personal space, dispose of the necessary evils and make room for things that fill you with joy.


Feeling overwhelmed about what to prioritize can ruin your sleep patterns. As a Gemini who has a hand in everything, it's easy for you to bite off more than you can chew. Make sure to check in with what you can handle at regular intervals. Listening to your inner voice that gets a say in "Enough is enough!" can make the nights go a little easier for your unconscious mind.


Worrying about other people and whether you're doing enough can add some unnecessary stress to your life. You often feel responsible for things you can't control. It's okay! Relax and let go of that external locus of focus. Meditation may help your mindset and recenter yourself on who comes first: you.


Not feeling recognized enough can be a real debacle for a lion like you. You want to feel like you have a pride behind you, for the sake of your pride. Keep in mind that you are an abundant creator who can make magic anywhere you are with anything you got is a way to fill that void. The first person that must recognize you is your own self. Keeping a list of accomplishments for you, and a running log of the compliments you get might be a good artificial boost. It's not about being narcissistic — it's remembering you have an impact in the world. Now get some rest, you hard worker!


Worrying about the future and your lack of control is practically a Virgo's modus operandi. But sometimes it's letting go that gives us more control than we realize. Before you go to bed, replay all of the positive impacts you saw yourself make. Even by existing, we touch everything around us, so you could also try centering yourself in the earthiest way you can by spending time in a garden or a park. Seeing how breezy the plants are might actually sooth your soul enough to finally drift off into slumberland.


Thinking about all the things you could have said is the perfect way to spook yourself out of a good night's sleep. Sometimes you're too nice, Libra, and if you're replaying conversations it indicates you don't feel 100 percent yourself. You could try journaling about who that person is before you hit the sack. Always remember to make sure you're putting yourself on the table in all your relationships — it will leave you with less regrets after the fact, and more room to sleep.


Worrying about the world around you and its meaning is what keeps you up at night. Scorpios are intensely dark and might fall into patterns of pessimistic thinking if they aren't careful. Instead of just replaying how horrible the news was or how bad a comment from a friend made you feel, take your dwelling powers and redirect them to a positive plane. Try replaying all the good things you noticed today in addition to the negative. You can sort through everything more objectively once you have both sides of the coin. Light and dark can exist side by side, and remember also that you are the best sign that can navigate that!


Feeling restless and contemplating your life is enough to send a Sagittarius into an insomniac panic. When you have trouble falling asleep, perhaps you worry that you're settling in aspects of your life and wonder what's out there. Sometimes it's good to explore those scenarios, because your imagination and visualization abilities are more powerful than you think. Don't guilt yourself about your wonderings or your wanderings. Just let it be, and let your mind drift around. Trust your inner compass will take you to where happiness abounds, and let yourself sleep!


Wondering what to do to get ahead is probably always on a Capricorn's mind. Try focusing on what you've done so far that you're proud of too — your goals of the future are shaped by goals you've reached in the present. If you're good about giving yourself the credit you deserve, you won't feel like you're constantly trying to fill a bottomless well of achievement.


Feeling overwhelmed at whether you are using your purpose wisely is going to fry an Aquarian brain come sleepy time. Aquarius, you have so much positive energy to give to society that sometimes you can get overwhelmed at where to put it first! All your endeavors are noble, and don't think in terms of fear that you aren't doing enough. Focus that energy on getting through whatever cause you're fighting for right now, and the rest will come in time. Once you make sure you yourself are well-rested, that is.


Dreaming about what could be can keep you conscious longer than your body wants. At night, stop daydreaming and start night dreaming — it's the best way to get in touch with your subconscious, which you need constant access to. Make sure you do what's best for getting yourself to sleep at all times, because as the oldest sign in the zodiac, it is more important for someone like you to be well-rested so you can make the world a better place by spreading all that wisdom come morning.