Why You Should Be Following Nicole From 'The Bachelor' On All Social Media


Some people thought Nicole Lopez-Alvar's was a shoe in for the first impression rose on night one. Unfortunately, that didn't end up being the case, but she and Colton are slowly developing a sweet bond over their cherished families and genuine natures. One thing they don't have in common though, is work experience. Nicole from The Bachelor's job is in writing and social media, which explains why she calls herself the "caption queen."

By scrolling through some of her latest posts, it's obvious that Nicole has a knack for witty, clever writing. She often references the latest and greatest internet memes, or finds other ways to not caption her #ootd with just a bunch of heart emojis. According to her LinkedIn, She went to school for journalism at the University of Miami. But there is a lot more to her craft than captioning Instagram photos. She actually works multiple gigs as a lead content writer for CapGenius — a social media agency, a contributing writer for Miami New Times, and a content coordinator for an event agency called SWARM Event agency. In other words, she is very busy. Before those positions, she worked as a digital journalist for WSVN Channel 7 in Miami.

So she definitely has a way with words.

On her LinkedIn profile, there isn't much context around her agency jobs. CapGenius is briefly described as an LLC that "generates creative content and publishes it through a mobile keyboard, which allows users to search for captions, find relevant content, and use them for social media and messaging purposes." It looks like some of her work for SWARM has translated to her social media, as a few of her posts promote the businesses it represents, like this one:

But those posts are few and far between. As a contributing writer for the New Times, she pitches and writes stories mostly about "local artists, cultural events, and popular trends." She also "conducts in-depth interviews" and even takes photographs for the visual element attached to her stories. She's been a writer for the paper for nearly three years. In that time, she's written about everything from yoga with kittens to millennial business owners to the best places to get stoned in Miami.

Apparently, because she often works with publicists, Barack Obama follows her on Twitter. "So i’m just gonna put this out there, there was never a latina bachelorette, so I vote for @nicolelovar," one fan of hers tweeted. "Also Barack Obama follows her so she’s awesome!"

Lopez-Alvar responded with, "I’ve had this Twitter account since the days when celebs used to have their assistants follow everyone back @britneyspears follows me, as well!" No big deal.

She is so incredibly positive and uplifting in her interactions with others on her page, and, since The Bachelor began, she is roasting herself to perfection with GIFs from the show.

She may not win The Bachelor, but with her being as good at her job as she is, she may win a job on the show's social media team instead.