This Beauty Website Donates Proceeds To Girls' Education With Every Purchase

by Kali Borovic

If you're going to be stocking up on high-end items any time soon, this is the brand to shop. Olivela curates high-end fashion and beauty items and donates proceeds from every purchase to girls' education.

Brands like Goop, Lipstick Queen, and Christian Louboutin have come together to make their products matter. When you shop from Olivela, you don't just get a great beauty item. Twenty percent of every single purchase goes towards girls' education at no extra cost to you. There are five organizations that benefit in the website's donations — CARE, the Malala Fund, VH1 Save The Music, GOOD+ Foundation, and Too Young To Wed.

“The idea for Olivela came to me almost two years ago, when I flew to Kenya and Rwanda to celebrate what is known there as Malala Day, the birthday of 2014 Nobel laureate Malala Yousafzai, now 20 and studying at Oxford,” Olivela founder Stacey Boyd tells Bustle.

“Traveling with Malala, I met girls in makeshift primary schools in Dadaab, the world’s largest refugee camp, and in Mahama, another camp that provides safe haven to more than 50,000 Burundians, 4,000 of them unaccompanied minors. I knew then that we could unleash the equity in luxury shopping to yield benefit and opportunity for so many children around the globe.”

The goal of Olivela is to fund education from item that you would have bought somewhere else. While you're scrolling through the website, you can see exactly what the purchase will pay for. Instead of just seeing the price below Goop's Perfecting Eye Cream, you'll also see that it provides two days of schooling for a woman in need.

According to the website, just $2.78 can send a girl to school for one day, buy a textbook for a girl in Nigeria, or buy a bookbag for a girl in Pakistan. When you consider how much you are about to shell out on a high-end item, it puts things into perspective.

Beauty proceeds range from one-day school support to a week and a half in some high end items. Of course, the catch is that the brand only offers high-end items, like Oribe, Rodial, and Sisley Paris. There are brands that are one the lower end of the high-end beauty spectrum as well. You can shop more $20 to $30 range items from brands like Lipstick Queen and Caudalie.

High-end beauty isn't the only items that you can shop on the website, either. Olivela also offers luxury fashion and jewelry with the same mission. The brands are a tad bit more pricey than the beauty items though.

While you're stocking up on all your new skincare and makeup items, you can also shop brands like Balenciaga, Alice and Olivia, and Derek Lam. Just like the beauty items, 20 percent of all purchases from the fashion items go towards the same girls' education organizations as well. Because if you're going to save up to buy an expensive item, you might as well make your dollar stretch as far as possible.

The brand also gives the links to all of the charity websites, so you can donate directly to the organization, if you can't afford the high end items. Now that you know what even a $5 donation is capable of, you'll know that every little bit counts.