How Kendall Jenner Is Involved In Pizza Boys Radio Has FINALLY Been Revealed

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

She's on TV, magazine covers, and runways, and now, Kendall Jenner is coming to radio. For months, Kendall has teased the project Pizza Boys through cryptic social media posts and on Thursday, April 12, fans finally got a taste of what Pizza Boys radio is, thanks to Apple Music's brief Twitter description. A mysterious Pizza Boys Instagram account was created in March with equally as ambiguous photos and art designs. While Kendall and her collaborators have teased the project on social media, none have made it super clear what the show is actually about. The first Pizza Boys episode arrived on Apple Music on Friday, April 13, not so coincidentally the day Coachella 2018 kicks off. But be warned: giving it a listen may or may not actually clear things up for baffled fans.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the monthly show is a collaboration with Apple Music and Beats 1. Kendall's co-star is her longtime friend Daniel Chetrit and the show will reportedly bring in famous friends and fellow influencers like Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber, and Simi, according to Fashionista, per THR. Basically, the crew will get together and talk about life in LA like it's a "living room pizza party," according to Apple Music. Kendall and the crew will likely talk about music, friendship, and life as millennials, according to a tweet from Beats 1.

Viewers tuning in will hear the show being played on a continuous live stream without the ability to rewind or fast forward, and the lack of show description or structure may cause them to keep wondering what is actually going on. Fear not, here's some information about Episode 1.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Coachella-themed premiere episode is described as “a musical journey that caters to all your various moods throughout this hectic weekend" as Kendall and Daniel head to the festival, according to Vogue. They reminisce about Coachella memories and Kendall recalls her favorite experience of attending last year's festival on a whim without staying overnight. Songs randomly cut through during their discussion, including Destiny's Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills" and Brandy's "Top of the World." One of the male guests teases Kendall for having a good voice and she says she'd be way too nervous to sing in public. Meanwhile, they're munching on food from LA's trendy Italian spot Jon & Vinny's. While the show seems a tad sporadic, it could give listeners a glimpse of Kendall and her friends' lives in the LA fast lane.

Despite her busy schedule, it seems Kendall really put a lot into the show and even teased with an Instagram post back in January. That said, she is known for being the most private member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew, so will Kendall use the opportunity to finally open up and let fans in on what she's really like? Fans on Twitter are pretty excited and intrigued right about now.

Listeners seem to like the relatable nature of Kendall casually hanging around with friends and talking about life and music. But Instagram famous and genetically-blessed guests are also a certifiable draw. Kendall's friend Hailey Baldwin has promoted the show and called herself one of the Pizza Boys on social media. Still, it remains to be seen if Kendall's famous family members, specifically her sister Kylie, will make an appearance on the show.

Future episode topics also remain a mystery. The show has the potential to dive into deeper social issues given its Instagram posts with phrases like "think different" alongside rainbow hearts. Regardless, fans seem to really be digging the laidback vibe of the new show and are probably on the hunt for Pizza Boys clothing as we speak.