Rihanna's Favorite Fenty Beauty Product Might Surprise You

Eduardo Parra/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fenty Beauty has undeniably taken over the cosmetics world. With two launches in under two months, Rihanna's makeup line has made a serious name for itself. But what is Rihanna's favorite Fenty Beauty product? While 40 shades of Pro Filt'r Foundation may be the first thing that comes to fans' minds, Rihanna's fave is actually all about a glow.

According to an interview with InStyle, Rihanna calls the Fenty Killawatt highlighters her favorite product in the line. While she doesn't give an exact shade, she does explain why the glow-creating good is her must-have.

"I love the Killawatt highlighter because you can use it in so many ways," she tells InStyle. "I put it on my eyes, cheeks, and body. It goes on smooth, and the texture is superfine, almost like liquid — plus it’s extremely high-shine. There’s a ton of different colors."

While Rihanna seems to love every shade, perhaps the most well-known Killawatt highlighter is Trophy Wife. The stunning golden, glittering product made a huge splash when Fenty Beauty launched as the most unique product in the collection. Rihanna herself even wore Trophy Wife to the New York Fashion Week launch of Fenty Beauty.

In one of the first images from the Fenty Beauty campaign, Rihanna is actually rocking Killawatt highlighters as the vocal point of her look. According to a post on the brand's Instagram account, Rihanna is wearing both Mean Money and Hustla Baby in the promo photo.

Rihanna didn't just rock her favorite product in initial images either. In promotional photos for the holiday Fenty Beauty Galaxy Collection, she again painted her face with Killawatt highlighters. In this promo image, she's slaying Moscow Mule and Hustla Baby — two shades not paired together in a single compact — alongside her highlighting Matchstix in Blonde.

While the Killawatt highlighters may be Rihanna's favorites, they're not the only Fenty beauty product she uses regularly. After all, it is her brand.

Rihanna also wears her highlighting MatchStix to get her gorgeous glow. Sometimes, the star will even mix the MatchStix and Killawatt to get the perfect look. Based on Instagram images from Fenty Beauty, Rihanna tends to mix the Blonde MatchStix with several different Killawatts. The most common custom mix, however, appears to be Moscow Mule and Hustla Baby.

Rihanna isn't alone in her love of the Killawatt highlighters. Fenty Beauty fans are also obsessed with the pressed powder formulas, and they are vocal about their adoration.

That's truly how you practice self-care.

The highlighters are truly one of a kind, just like their stunning creator.

Some fans are even calling for the shades to be released in single form to get more use out of them. They are just that good.

From Ginger Binge to Hustla Baby to Trophy Wife, everyone seems in love with the Killawatt highlighters. Rihanna picked a perfect favorite.

Now that we know Killawatt is Rihanna's definitive jam, the question has to be asked of what's next for the highligher? Will there be more shades? Will Fenty release single pans?

The sky is the limit for Fenty. But let's be honest: For Rihanna, the limit does not exist.