Here's What We Know About Forever 21's New All-Beauty Store

by Kali Borovic
Courtesy Riley Rose

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, "Gee, Sephora and Ulta just aren't enough?" Me either, but the founders of a millennial-favorite brand have — and now they are doing something about it. According to PopSugar, Forever 21 owners Esther and Linda Chang are launching a beauty store called Riley Rose. The stand-alone will be completely different from the clothing store and will not sell anything other than beauty items.

While this beauty store may have some ties to Forever 21, don't expect it to mimic the same beauty offerings from the fast fashion retailer.

In the beginning of the year, Women's Wear Daily reported that Forever 21's beauty offering would be expanding to stand-alone stores. And it looks like it will be happening sooner rather than later.

According to PopSugar, Riley Rose will be aimed at millennials and will sell brands like TonyMoly, Winky Lux, Essie, R+Co, Stila, and Laura Geller. Is it massively different than Ulta and Sephora? Not really.

But one thing is for sure: The color scheme certainly makes this store stand out. The store front will be a Barbie-pink and white exposed brick that will be perfect for getting all of those Instagram-worthy photos in. Other than that, it will be set up similarly to other beauty stores with racks of product and mirror to try some on, according to PopSugar.

If you're looking to see the first of many Riley Rose's, you'll want to head to Glendale, CA on Sept. 30 for the opening of the flagship location.

Courtesy Riley Rose

The launch of Riley Rose comes at an unexpected time. In the past year, Forever 21 has made a conscious effort to add beauty items into the in-store and online shops.

"Forever 21 has always been known as an exciting one-stop shopping destination" a Forever 21 spokesperson told Bustle earlier this year. "We listen to our customers, and over the past months, we have rolled out specially curated beauty and lifestyle shops at our top doors and plan to expand into all U.S. doors by Fall 2017."

"We love to bring new trends to our diverse customer base — our shops showcase a wide array of beauty tools, makeup palettes, and boast both private label and branded beauty," the spokesperson added. "We are especially excited to introduce our customers to the emerging K-beauty skin care movement."

Well, the movement is here.

Courtesy Riley Rose

According to PopSugar, no brands that are currently sold in Forever 21 will be available at Riley Rose. The clothing store will also continue to sell all of the brands that they currently stock.

Bustle reached out to the brand to get more information on whether the beauty section of Forever 21 will change with Riley Rose's opening.

Courtesy Riley Rose

If you can't make it to California for the grand opening, you'll still be able to shop Riley Rose. You'll just have to wait a little longer. The brand will reportedly be launching stand alone beauty shops throughout the country in upcoming months. PopSugar also reports that there will an online website available to shop in November 2017.

There is one thing that differs Riley Rose from Ulta and Sephora though — they know how to get a millennial's attention. The sleek store is everything a makeup paradise should be for the Instagram obsessed generation. It will be interesting to see how their pink and white storefronts and collection of brands will stand up to the big name beauty stores.

But, hey, even if we didn't think we needed Riley Rose, is it really bad to have one more place to stock up on beauty essentials? I think not.