Shower Foam Is The Latest Trend In Body Care

When it comes to our cleaning faces, our product options are endless — gels, creams, bars, wipes, sticks, doughs — you name it, there is likely some sort of face wash version of it on the market. Our options for our bodies, on the other hand, have always been shockingly limited in comparison — bar soap or body wash, and that's pretty much it. But as of 2017, there's a third option coming to a shower near you: shower foam.

Dove Shower Foam, $12, Amazon

We've seen foaming face washes and hand soaps before, so it's no surprise that body care was the next frontier for this medium. But what is exactly is shower foam, and what makes it different from the regular stuff we've been using for years?

Basically, instead of having to wait for our bath products to foam and lather on our bodies, shower foam makes it happen straight out of the gate, or in this case, out of the pump. Like with foaming face washes, foaming bodywash is a bit more intense than cream or gel versions, and are meant to give your skin a deeper clean. Many are fortified with moisturizers to make sure your skin stays hydrated after you deep clean it.

The trend is creeping in slowly, but trust me — it's coming for us. Here are three of the newest foam cleansers on the market that will turn your shower experience into the grown up version of your childhood bubble bath.

1. Dove

Dove Shower Foam, $12, Amazon

Dove's cleansing products are known for their moisturizing properties, and their newest one is no different.

2. Rituals

The Ritual Of Sakura Shower Foam, $15, Amazon

Purifying and nourishing, this shower foam is fortified with Rice Milk and scented with cherry blossom. Sadly, no — You can't eat or drink it (but doesn't it sound delicious?!).

3. Method

Method Foaming Body Wash, $6, Amazon

Methods products are the cleanest of clean feeling, plus this one is infused with aloe and Vitamin E to soften your skin will you scrub the dirt off.