Smashbox's Virtual Try On Studio Is An Online Shopper's Dream

The internet is a beauty industry blessing and curse. Pros: democratization of beauty and diverse voices being heard, matte liquid lipstick delivered to your door, buying silicone sponges from Asia, and constantly seeing the newness that brands drop nonstop, to name just a few. But that last one is also a downside, thanks to the testy lag between seeing The Coolest Product Ever, deciding you need it, and being able to try it in stores. Options are basically buying it sight unseen, or calling Sephora daily to ask if it's finally in (sorry, Sephora associates). No longer (at least for one brand's product launches)! Smashbox's Virtual Try On Studio is the answer to all swatch second guessing.

Be Legendary Liquid Lip, $24, Smashbox

No longer do we have to account for an anonymous poster's skin tone, lighting, and layering — the internet has solved the problem that it caused. Following in the footsteps of Sephora's Virtual Artist and InStyle's OG Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover, you can now try on any of Smashbox's products with zero Photoshop experience required. Great news, especially if you've been waiting with baited breath for Smashbox's full set of Be Legendary Liquid Lip to hit stores and trying to guesstimate which shades will suit you best. Here's exactly how the Virtual Try On Studio works.

The process is super simple and similar to the other virtual experiences. Either upload or take a quick photo, follow directions to triangulate all your features and start experimenting. Or, if it's late at night and you're sitting in front of your computer with all the lights off, opt for a beautiful model.

Bonus points for letting you adjust the intensity of each product, true to layering life.

The road before you might be full of surprises and disappointments — for instance, I learned I don't look great in full-on gray frosted lipstick. The more you know! And the model really does, so click into it to see how your cards will fall. Warning though, it's addictive.

Images: Courtesy of Brand