Starbucks Just Debuted A New Pink Frappuccino For Spring & It's Seriously Stunning

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Rejoice: Ice-blended drink season is upon us. Just in time for the spring, Starbucks has released a new Frappuccino that, based on photos, might just be the prettiest drink to grace their menu yet. So, you're going to want to know what Starbucks' new Strawberry Honey Blossom Créme Frappuccino is, because you're about to see it all over social media — in all of its pretty in pink, pastel glory.

First things first: The bad news. Unfortunately, social media might be the only place you'll see it for the time being. As of right now, the fruity and floral drink seems to only be available in Starbucks Thailand and Starbucks Hong Kong locations from Feb. 27 on, for a limited time.

This sort of overseas-specific release isn't uncommon for the brand: If you're a Starbucks fanatic, you might recall that the Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade Cold Brew was also recently released exclusively to Starbucks stores around Asia, giving customers more than one reason to take a trip overseas. I mean, of course you'll see other things while you're there, I'm just giving you an extra few reasons to book that trip.

However, even though we don't have the drink in the U.S. (yet... I hope), there's still plenty of information about what the drink tastes like, as well as how it looks. According to a Facebook post by Starbucks Thailand, the Strawberry Honey Blossom Crème Frappuccino is made with strawberry and vanilla créme, and accentuated with a honey-flavored whipped cream — which is layered at the bottom and on the top of the drink for double the creaminess. A ribbon of freeze-dried strawberries is throughout, and, top top it all off, a crunchy pink rice puffs are sprinkled atop the drink for texture and taste. According to a rep for Starbucks, the Strawberry Honey Blossom Créme Frappuccino was "inspired by the pastel pink of cherry blossom petals."

All of these ingredients come together to make of the of the most picturesque, Instagrammable, perfectly pink and spring drinks that you've ever laid eyes on. It's sweet, it's sour, it's creamy, it's icy, and it's totally refreshing for the early warm days of spring when you're not quite melting, but need a cool and sweet pick-me-up.

According to Starbucks, the drink was inspired by the gorgeous pastel pink color of cherry blossom petals that come out in the spring.

The drink has also made its way to Hong Kong, as evidenced by the Starbucks Hong Kong Facebook page. In a post, the drink is described as, "The magic flurry of spring in the air, captured in the new Strawberry Honey Blossom Crème Frappuccino and puddings!" Uh, yeah, not only do they have the Frappuccinos, but they have puddings, meaning we are doubly missing out.


So, the drink is gorgeous, pink, and only available at participating Starbucks in Thailand and Hong Kong. I know — it's devastating. I want to try it too! But don't lose hope, because it's always possible that the drink could make its way to the U.S. in the future. (Bustle has reached out to Starbucks in regards to this, but has not yet heard back.) If there's anything us American Starbucks fanatics have proven, it's that if they give us a pretty drink, we're going to celebrate it, make it go viral, and order it until supplies run dry. Our love and appreciation for Starbucks — as well as pretty millennial pink drinks that are the perfect mix of sweet and sour and floral — is truly above and beyond.

So hey, if you're listening, Starbucks, I think I can speak for all Americans when I say that we'd all very much like to get our hands on the Strawberry Honey Blossom Créme Frappuccino! We're big fans of pink drinks, and they also look really great on our Instagram feeds... so we're ready when you are.